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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Janice Robinson is a character created by Betty Ann. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Chameleons".


Janice was a stubborn, disobedient and reckless teenage girl who wanted to do exactly what she wanted and not have her parents treat her so much like a baby. Because her parents were just looking out for her and had her best interests at heart. Therefore her parents wouldn't allow her to dye blue streaks into her hair or wear a short tight mini skirt to an upcoming school dance.

She and her best friend Sharon were looking at cute pets at the pet store when they noticed a mean Red Haired boy being mean and cruel to the animals. She and Sharon didn't realize the boy was replaced by an evil Chameleon clone.

The boy showed her and Sharon a terrarium that housed a pet Chameleon in it, the boy encouraged her and Janice to touch it. She thought it as so ugly, that it was actually kind of cute, So she tried to pet it on the head, but it bit Janice on the finger and when Janice knocked over the terrarium the chameleon escaped and followed them to Janice's home. The Red Haired Boy took off after telling her and Janice a rhyme  "Bite you once, bite you twice. A little water pay the price!". 

That night as Janice was brushing Sharon's hair, she was complaining to her about how unfair she felt it was that Sharon's parents give her so much freedom and let her do more things she wants and how her parents treat her like a baby. Suddenly the Chameleon who has snuck into the house by entering her mother grocery bag at the market bit her for a second time.

When Sharon goes to bed, Janice gets a frightening shock she is face to face with a twin clone of herself. The Chameleon had transformed into her and plans to switch places with her and take over her life. She was about to have water thrown onto her from her fish aquarium when Sharon came back in to see her. The Chameleon changed back and ran off.

She was terrified and crying and trying to explain to her friend that the Chameleon from the pet store is after her and wants to switch places with her take over her life. Sharon didn't believe her at first, and thought she was just having a bad nightmare and it would be over in the morning. When she woke up the next morning she had a big scaly rash on her stomach and claimed she was turning more and more into a Chameleon. Sharon still thought it was a dream and would clear up in no time. Also Sharon talked her into thinking it was a bad dream and all inside her head.

Then she went to the bathroom to brush her teeth, and she noticed someone left the shower on. She slowly approached it and opened it to find no one was inside,. Suddenly her Evil Chameleon twin quickly ran up to her and told her she was going to enjoy her life and pushed her into the shower. The water instantly turned her into a Chameleon. The Evil Chameleon tried to kill her with a pair of scissors to avoid her cover being blown but Janice ran off.

Her evil twin Chameleon started to take over her life, by sucking up to her parents and accepting a plain pink dress to wear to the school dance. Also she was sprayed with cooking canola oil and had a frying pan thrown at her by the Evil Chameleon. Eventually she bit The Evil Chameleon's foot and she was grabbed in a towel and thrown into the sink. Sharon then realized the truth and The Evil Chameleon didn't deny anything. Sharon took a dangerous risk putting her hand into the garbage disposal and pulled her out just in time as it was turned on.

Later outside in the backyard, she bit the Evil Chameleon again and changed back to herself. She told Sharon to quickly spray the Evil Chameleon with the hose. The Evil Chameleon decided to spin her around in circles with her.

After the Evil Chameleon spun her and Janice around in circles, Sharon couldn't tell which one was the real her. Then one of them said she could prove that she was the real her. To prove it, she did something only the real her would do, which was taking the box of Chameleons and dumping them down the well. The other Janice said that it was a trick. Sharon believed the one who dumped them down the well and then sprayed the other Janice. The other Janice screamed no and turned back to a Chameleon and was thrown down into the well.

However it wasn't the real her, The Evil Chameleon successfully tricked Sharon and the Evil Chameleon was still in Human form. Then soon Sharon and Janice's parents would next be victims of the Chameleons. Janice was left in the water at the bottom of the well and if she didn't know how to swim she may have drowned and it's unknown whether or not she is still alive or escaped. 

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