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This character, is portrayed by a special guest star.

Jason is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Prisoners Past".


Jason is a smart geek, a loner and the captain of the chess team. He attended school with a bullying jock named Scott. They never had much to do with each other. Until his mom, married Scott's dad. Then they became step brothers. Therefore Scott and his dad moved into his house. And he wasn't too happy to give up half of his bedroom to Scott. One day he and Scott's class were taking a tour, visiting an old maximum security prison. It had been closed for fifty years, but it was still open as a museum.

At the souvenir shop, he had a time hard time deciding which shirt to buy. He kept on changing his mind. Then Scott rudely stepped in and did something to get him to shut up and make things easier for the clerk. Scott chose a shirt for him and one himself. He wasn't very happy to have to pay for both. So he demanded his $5 back. He and Scott argued. Until he swiped Scott's $10 bill and ran to the basement. Scott quickly caught up with him.

The basement was another cell house. Then he was startled when he noticed a prisoner standing in a cell. The prisoner wore an eyepatch over his left eye. Scott told him it was just a dummy. The creepy prisoner spoke to them. He told them that his name was One-Eyed Jack and he was no dummy. However he made one big mistake in life: Robbing a bank. Then One-Eyed Jack asked them to open the cell. He had misgivings about opening it. He kept thinking it was either forbidden, or just part of the tour.

Against his better judgement. Scott opened the cell. One-Eyed Jack was rejoiced to finally have his freedom and disappeared. Suddenly One-Eyed Jack reappeared. He wanted them both to go into the cell. Then Jack insistently begged and pleaded. He and Scott both ran off. Jack sent his ghostly arm right through the door to grab them. Then he and Scott ran off terrified. Then they bumped into their teacher. Who took them to the bus to return to school.

That night in their room, he kept on debating about whether or not they should call the police, inform the prison officials or keep quiet. Since they might just think they're crazy. He was really getting on Scott's nerves now. So Scott tried to tell them that all they saw was just a hologram exhibit. Then he begun to believe that he may have been right. So he calmed down saying that it was just dumb. Scott then grabbed him in a painful restrain. Scott told him that it was also dumb to take money from him. Then he threatened him never to do it again and took it back.

Then in the middle of the night, he woke up to find their bedroom window open. Suddenly the arm of One-Eyed Jack came in through the window. It grabbed him with an upset and devastated look on his face. Jack begged and pleaded for them to come back to his cell. Both he and Scott were terrified screaming their heads off. The screaming woke up their parents. When they showed up One-Eyed Jack was gone. They didn't believe them about seeing a ghost. They thought it was just nightmares from visiting the old prison.

The next afternoon, he and Scott spent time together at the library. They looked through old newspaper articles on a microfilm reader and found the articles about One-Eyed Jack. They find out that on June 1, 1942 One-Eyed Jack escaped. The next article read that on August 29, 1945 the prison closed down forever. Then and Scott found out that One-Eye Jack had a daughter named Elma Briggs, who was denied access to the prisons records.

Then they went over to Elma Briggs' house to speak with her about her father. Elma was elderly now. Also she was tense and stressed, and very upset when they asked her about her father. Because for many years her one-eyed father had been the object of ridicule. People would stop by her house wearing an eyepatch making fun of her father. She was so upset that she asked him and Scott to leave and to never come back.

That evening, the presence of One-Eyed Jack enters their house and went upstairs. He was stressing over the fact that One-Eyed Jack will come for them again sooner or later. Scott now reprimanded him for such a wuss and wimp all of the time. Now he finally got fed up with Scott treating him this way. So he stood up to him and pushed him hard against the door. Scott got so mad he threatened to hit him so hard his mom would fell it. Then suddenly, Jack's arm came through the door and grabbed Scott and pulled him through.

He got really worried, first he thought of calling the police. Then he decided to muster up the courage to go and save Scott himself. When he got to the prison, the gate magically opened itself. He went down to the basement cell block and found Scott sleeping in One-Eyed Jack's cell. The cell was open. So he walked right in and woke him up. When they tried to leave the cell door closed and trapped them in. Scott was shocked that he came to save him. Then Scott saw a huge rat enter a hole in the wall. Now he realized that One-Eyed Jack must have escaped by sneaking through a hidden tunnel that was behind the toilet.

After moving the toilet, they found the wall chipped away at an old ventilation shaft. So he and Scott crawled through it. The shaft was tight and crammed. Also it kept on getting harder to crawl through. Suddenly he was stopped by something blocking the way. When they shined the flashlight on it, it was revealed to be a rotten skeleton! The combined weight of the two of them and the skeleton caused the shaft to break in half and fall to the floor.

Then One-Eyed Jack's ghost appeared and told them that for over fifty years he was stuck in that shaft. Since he was sneaky and covered up his tracks so well, everyone thought he escaped. After seeing an eyepatch on the skeleton, he realized it was One-Eyed Jack. So he and Scott realized that One-Eyed Jack never escaped after all. Instead he got stuck in the air shaft and died. One-Eyed Jack, apologized for putting them through the whole ordeal. Because all he wanted was for someone to find his body.

Before they left One-Eyed Jack asked him and Scott to tell his daughter what happened to him. He and Scott claimed that she might not believe them. So they took a worn out sepia tone picture out of One-Eyed Jack's pocket. It was an old picture of One-Eyed Jack and Elma as a little girl. The next morning they met with Elma, told her what really happened and gave her the picture. She was more than grateful to finally learn the truth, and realize that her father didn't leave town and abandon the family after all and always loved her. So now she finally had peace and closure. Elma thanked both he and Scott sincerely.

When they left, he suggested they go for lunch, then to the video arcade. Then once again he kept on changing his mind on which thing they should do first. Scott got annoyed but he kept his cool. So he paid him back the $5 he owed him to shut him up. He smiled, either because now he knew that annoying Scott would get him what he wanted, or because he finally earned Scott's respect or even both. Also he and Scott had discovered that in spite of their differences they really were brothers.


  • Christopher Castile was famous for portraying Mark Foster in the popular family sitcom Step by Step. Also for playing the brother Ted Newton in the family movies Beethoven and Beethoven's 2nd.
  • Christopher Castile would also star in the Nickelodeon show “Hey Arnold” as the first voice of Eugene Horowitz.

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