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This good character is a hero.

Jason is a character created by Sam. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of C7".


Jason and his younger sister Lisa were happy that their mom had quit her job to start her own business. She bought an old lakeside Inn. Jason and Lisa weren't so happy to be so far away from their friends and civilization. His mom tried to encourage he and his sister to be more positive. Since this was their chance to run their own business, and be their own bosses.

Inside of the old Inn, he tried to open a jammed door. He pulled with all his might. Until the door knob pops off and he bumped into his mom. Then a glass chandelier from the ceiling comes crashing down. Luckily he got out of the way in. This fright his whole family.

Later at night when he was sleeping, the sound of a woman singing could be heard. He woke up wondering where it was coming from. Then he bump into his mom, and asked her if she could hear it. So he lead her downstairs. Here he found his sister gazing out the windows. She said she could hear someone singing.

Then he passed by a closet. He opened it and found an old 1940's jukebox in it. Then out of interest, he plugged it in. The three were amazed that it still worked. The way it worked, was that were several rows of a single one song track records. Each row was listed from A to D. Also it has a list of about 7 songs each. To test it out he put on A2. As the music, played an unknown presence approached the Inn. Then suddenly, the electrical outlet overloaded and shorted out.

He wasn't worried, he thought it was just be some lose connections. Now he was finally excited, he thought if they got more classic items like the jukebox, they could give the place a retro look. Then it might even be cool and fun. His mom was finally happy to see him feeling more positive and happy about the Inn. A couple hours later, he fixed up the machine. Now he was ready to test it out again. So he decided to test it by playing the song for C7. However, that track didn't work. Then he tested it by picking B5. Then it played an instrumental song and he was happy it worked.

Then after it shorted out again, he looked out the window. Now he saw a beautiful young woman outside. Then when he turned around again she vanished. He Wondered who the woman was and where she went. Then later in the night, he woke up once again hearing the jukebox playing.

He came downstairs to find the jukebox playing. Then he saw the beautiful young woman whom he saw earlier. She slowly approached the jukebox to pick another song. He got scared and he bumped into the jukebox. This changed it to a random song. Then she instantly disappeared. Feeling scared he looked all around and saw no one else. The next day he told his mom about what he saw. All she said was that he must have been seeing things while sleepwalking.

After his mom assigned him and his sister to do their chores, he left Lisa unattended. When he looked down from the ladder, he could see she was gone. Worried sick for her safety, he called out to her. Then he ran out to the dock. There he could see Lisa rowing the row boat. He pulled the rope still attached to it back to the dock. He was angry asking her what she was doing. Lisa said that she was paddling out to help a lady in a canoe, who was calling for help. When she turned around to show her to him, she wasn't there anymore.

His mom caught them in the act and gave them grief. She asked him to keep a closer eye on her when she wasn't around. His sister tried to explain to their mom that she was talking to a ghost. But she didn't believe her. So her tried to back her up by saying hat he has seen the ghost too, and he has not been sleepwalking or imaging it. Then his mom finally tells him she got the property of the Inn for such a low price, because of the scary story about the Inn.

The story was that: In 1945 just after World War II, ended a group of people were getting ready to throw a big welcome home party. It was for a local boy who went off to serve overseas. The local boy's girlfriend, who lived just across the lake arranged the whole thing. Then just before the party a telegram was delivered. This informed the people that boy wouldn't be coming home because he had died. The girl was so upset that she packed up her canoe and begun rowing away.  Also the same night, there was a really bad storm. Then the boy's girlfriend's canoe washed up on the shore empty. and she was never seen again. Hearing this, he said that she was the ghost that he and Lisa saw. His mom refused to believe the story, or to let anything ruin her business opportunity. Then she left him to look after Lisa while she was out for the evening.

Later that evening, he continued to play the jukebox. He was trying to guess which song made the woman's ghost appear. He discovers that the record for C7 was jammed. So he opened up the jukebox and fixes the jammed slot. Suddenly his sister realized there was about to be a storm, so she felt the need to go and tell the woman's ghost and When he realized she was gone, he got worried and ran after her. Over at the dock, she and the boat were gone. Then he ran back inside and tried calling the police. The police didn't believe him, they thought he was trying to play a joke.

Then he realized that perhaps the ghost has her. So he slowly pushed the button to C7 and it finally worked. Then he blinked his eyes like he was in a trance. When he turned around, it was the welcome home party from 1945 that never happened. The Jukebox sent him through a time loop back to 1945. All of the friends and guests from 1945 are eagerly waiting. Then just as the soldier boy comes in they yell to him surprise. Then that all cordially welcome him back home. It turned out there was a mix up, he really was coming home after all. The boy asked them all where Iris (the woman's ghost) was and asks if she waited for him. The boy looked upset as the people looked at him almost if to say she is not here. Then suddenly Iris comes back and addressed him as Tommy. Now they happily reunited and had their one last dance. The one in which they say they've been waiting so long for. He just watched feeling so happy for them. Then after their dance Iris gratefully thanked him for fixing the jukebox to send her back in time. Also for not stopping his sister from telling her about the storm. Then Iris and Tommy leave the inn. Then they run off together to enjoy their lives at long last.

He felt so happy for him. Then slowly, he turned around and he was back in present time. Then he bumped into his mom again, who just got home. Then he informed her that Lisa was missing, both he and his mom got really worried. Then Suddenly Lisa came back safe and sound. Then his mom takes Lisa in because its getting to cold. Then before Jason heading back inside, he made a suggestion. It was to open the Inn hall as a café and bar for weddings and welcome home parties.

He and his family never saw another spirit or ghost at the Homestead Inn again, but he would always remember Iris and Tommy and the song from their past that finally brought them together. Because the memory was all that he had. Because he could never get the old jukebox to play C7 again.


  • Jesse Moss also portrayed Hank Williamson
  • Jess Moss really is the older brother of Tegan Moss.

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