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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Jason Midas is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Time Trap".


Jason Midas is a nice, sweet and friendly person. However from being picked on and belittled by the bully Brad Row he developed a lack of confidence in himself. Along with with low self-esteem. During the events of the story He and Brad played dodge ball during gym class. Brad whipped the ball right at him. This made him embarrassingly trip and fall down flat on his face. This resulted in Brad laughing at him and calling him a loser. This made him feel horrible about himself.

Later that afternoon, he tried to talk to Andrea. He tried to ask her out on a date for the upcoming Friday. But he became too nervous to finish his question. There he just took off at the ring of the bell. Then on his way home, he could see Andrea walking right across the street from him. He got so nervous, that he randomly ran right into "Sardo's Magic Mansion".

Sardo saw what had just happened. Therefore Sardo tried to con him into buying an Egyptian aging potion. A potion that would help him age and mature a little more. Then quickly gain more confidence. He got straight to the point, he said that he only wanted something to help him become braver when speaking to girls. Sardo offered him a metallic box that Bobo gave Sardo earlier. Sardo desperate for a sale lied about it. Sardo told him that it was a Persian Victory Box: One that for centuries, warriors had used to give them confidence to do battle. Sardo explained that to use it, he just needed to place his hand on the imprint and say what he wanted. So he was talking into buying it.

That evening he tried it out. He placed his hand onto the box. He wished to become the kind of guy that girls liked. Afterwards, he thought that he was just wasting his time. The next morning at school he got a big surprise: A pretty young woman instantly appeared! She said that her name was Belle. She informed him that she was here to grant his every wish. The first thing was: Getting the girls to notice him. However as the girls walked by, they just thought that she and Jason were a couple of geeks. This mad him become exasperated. Now he just wanted her to just leave him alone.

Next he found out that Belle was now in his English class. She could tell that he was stressing over a problem. His problem, was that he forgot his book report on "Treasure Island" at home. Therefore Belle instantly made the book report appear. Then he was asked to read his report to the whole class. However, it turned out Belle gave him a review about all of the Treasure Island movies ever produced. This made everyone laugh at him. His teacher wasn't amused. Therefore he was given after school detention. Next, she followed him to his gym class. This time Belle enchanted his dodge ball. Now he was able to single handily beat the entire yellow team. Since his ball could fire by itself. He began to feel great about himself. Last up he was about to face Brad. Brad taunted him and tried to whip the ball right at him. He flinched as he embraced the upcoming hit. Then to his surprise, his enchanted ball bounced and blocked off Brad's ball. Then he aimed for Brad. However Brad nervously moved away. So the ball ended up beaming the Gym teacher right in the face!

After school, he was furious because he had double detention. So he finally asked her how she had been making everything happen. She revealed that the box was a Zemmy (a containment device). She was the Genie confined to the Zemmy. So now he was her new master. Now his every wish wass her command. He then wished, that he didn't miss the bus. Suddenly Belle made a sports car appear. She proudly replied by telling him that he would not have to walk anymore. He was thrilled. Because he just gotten his driver's license. Then just as he was ready to drive home, the police stopped them. Immediately they asked him for the license and registration. Then he realized that Belle didn't have the registration. So it turned out that she gave him a stolen car!

He and Belle are arrested on suspicions of car theft and thrown into jail. He went from feeling upset to becoming furious. He demanded to know her why she seemed to make every problem he had become worse. Belle explained that every wish had its price. Also that she had been a Genie for centuries. Just because she has to grant wishes, didn't mean she had to be nice about it. When she gets a new master she takes full advantage of it. One master she had wanted to go on an exciting vacation. Therefore she ended up on the Titanic when it sank in 1912. Another was a kid who didn't want to go on a camping trip. So he got his wish when Mt. St. Helen's erupted in 1980. Another was a reporter who wanted an attention-grabbing story. So he or she ended up reporting on Archduke Franz Ferdinand getting assassinated. Which was one of the main causes of the first World War. He then asked her if she started all the atrocities that led to the Second World War. Belle denied it, but added that she did admire the work that went into it.

Belle laughed as she became eager and excited. She encouraged him to make his next wish. He wished for her to leave him alone. Then suddenly he was literally sent into the middle of nowhere. He got scared and began to panic. So he wished to be back at the magic shop. However he got sent right into the middle of the street right into open traffic. He almost gets hit by a car. Still he made it back into the shop. He was furious, snapping at Sardo about what happened. He explained that the box was a Zemmy. It contained a Genie that would grant his every wish. But he didn't want it. Hearing this, Sardo was thrilled. Now Sardo was more than willing to take it back.

He then took Sardo to his house. Just as he was about to hand it to Sardo, Belle appeared. She said that it was not so easy to pass it up. Belle rudely explained the reason he can't pass it onto Sardo, was because Sardo already gave it up.

Tense and stressed he sat down. He touched the Zemmy wishing that he was out of the nightmare. Then suddenly, he and Sardo got transported into another house. A woman appeared and she got terrified thinking they were robbers. It turned out Belle made things worse. She sent them straight into a strangers house! To make matters worse, The Woman's husband was a Police Officer. Now her husband called for backup. The cops threatened them to exit the house. Or they would fire tear gas inside of it.

As he continued to panic. Sardo suggested to wish that they were 100 miles away. He said no, because Belle may send them into a burning building. Or right into the middle of the ocean. Then he got an idea: He wished that Sardo could have a wish. He did this, because he came to the conclusion that perhaps the evil wishes may only happen for him. So Sardo may think of a wish that could save them.

Sardo, became ecstatic considering the possibilities of World Peace. Or to cure every disease. Then finally Sardo wished to have a million more wishes (since greed got the best of him). This however backfired! Belle was now released from her prison. Since Sardo wished for a million wishes. The same wish that Belle wished for centuries ago. So now she was free. The problem was that Sardo did receive a million wishes. However he had to grant them to other people. This made him the genie now, beginning with his wishes.

Running out of time, as the police outside prepared to fire the tear gas. At the last moment, he wished that it was yesterday. Sardo then reverted back time. Once again it was the day before. After school he bumped into Andrea again. However this time he didn't run away from her. She asked him what he was trying to tell her before. He asked her if she would like to go to a movie with him on Friday night. Hearing this, she was thrilled and she said that she would love to. Then they walked off together talking. They passed by Sardo's Magic Mansion. Sardo was seen placing Belle's Zemmy in the window, awaiting the next possible victim.


  • Jay Baruchel also portrayed Joe, Alex and Ross Doyle.
  • Jay Baruchel also co-starred with Elisha Cuthbert and Vanessa Lengies in the children's show Popular Mechanics for Kids.

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