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Jasper Davis is a character created by Andy. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Photo Finish".


Jasper Davis enrolled in the private school, Tillinghast Academy in 1944. It can be assumed, that he came to the school on a prepaid scholarship. He was a photographer and very much involved with the photography club. Soon he became best friends with a richer student named Felix Barish. Felix made it into the Lion Society Club and got Jasper permission to take their pictures.

Then soon the Lion Society decided to play a prank on Jasper. They told Jasper they wanted him to join their club, he was thrilled because he finally felt as if he was going to fit in. Then soon enough the Lion Society revealed to him, they had no intention of letting him join because he was poor. Then begun to chase him around and tease him about his clothes and the way he spoke. They chased him all the way onto the clubhouse roof. This was where he accidentally fell off and died. Later that year when the Yearbook was distributed, a memorial section was made for him in it.

Soon after he died, the Lion Society Clubhouse moved from the old part of campus to closer inside school. Then a month later a mysterious photograph of the old clubhouse appeared. Jasper came back as a vengeful ghost, blaming The Lion Society for his death. His ghost somehow created a black and white realm, in which he obtained possession of a magical camera. This camera enabled him to trap any person he took a picture of inside a wall mounted photograph. He chose, to do this to members of The Lion Society. Whenever a member of the club saw him in the photograph, he would instantly take their picture. This would transport them into the picture, and then inside the realm he would seal them away forever in wall mounted photographs.

He didn't keep this up for long though, his old friend Felix was onto him. He knew it was him in the photograph. After he trapped two of Felix's fellow club member friends, Felix stopped him. Felix carefully took his photograph and hid it beneath the painting of Headmaster Broffman. This kept him concealed and hidden for over 55 years.

Then in the year 2000, a student named Chandler (attempting to play a prank) swiped the painting of the old Headmaster. Felix who by now had been a professor at the school for many years now, searched every room for it to make sure it didn't fall into the wrong hands. Chandler's roommate Alex. attempting to help him hide the old Headmaster's painting discovered it just peeled off. This brought his picture back to encounter more members of the Lion Society once again.

Soon enough, he captured Chandler. This happened when Chandler and Alex took notice of how he kept disappearing and reappearing in the photograph. Soon enough, Felix revealed the whole story to Alex and suggested covering his picture also.

Then, he captured the current Lion Society Club President Renfrew. Renfrew revealed to Alex what the house in the picture was and where to find it.

Then later on, he encountered Alex inside his black and white realm. Alex entered it when he took his picture and entered the old Lion Society Clubhouse. He revealed his hatred and disgust for the Lion Society. Also since Alex was there, he was planning to trap him inside a wall mounted photograph as well. He possibly decided to do this, because he might have seen Alex as a threat because he knew his secret now. 

Felix showed up just as Jasper was about to take Alex's picture and capture him. He demanded him to leave Alex alone, he was shocked over how much Felix has aged by now. Also he expressed his feelings of betrayal to Felix, he claimed that Felix chased him onto the roof with the rest of the club and covered up his picture leaving him lonely for many years.

Felix tried to reason with him, he told him that he tried to help him not chase him, and he had no choice but to cover up his picture, or would have captured the rest of the club. Jasper wasn't convinced and took Felix's picture and trapped him in a wall mounted photo.

Then he set his sights on Alex once again. Alex jumped out the way, just when he took his picture. He ended up taking a picture of his reflection in the window. Therefore he got caught in his own reflection and captured in his own camera. Then he was trapped in a wall mounted photograph. Then Alex opened his camera, and all the souls he captured were freed. Then his realm and photograph vanished. Felix was too upset to be angry with him and just hoped he would now be at peace.

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