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This Magical Item is Evil!

Jasper Davis' Photograph was an evil magical item created by Andy. It was shown in the episode "The Tale of the Photo Finish".



The Photograph

Jasper Davis was a poor boy who attended Tillinghast Academy in the year 1944. Although he was a talented photographer, he was picked on and teased by a group of bullies who were in a selective and exclusive school club called: "The Lion Society".

One day the group pulled a prank on Jasper. They made him believe that he was finally going to be welcomed into their club. Afterwards they revealed to him that it was a joke. And they had no intention whatsoever in letting him join. Then they chased him onto their clubhouse roof. Here it was where Jasper accidentally fell down and died.

After passing on, Jasper vowed vengeance and became a vengeful ghost. Then this magical portrait was created. It was linked to a black and white dimensional realm. It was here that Jasper Davis' ghost resided. Jasper patiently waited inside this realm with a magical camera ready at his disposal. Then as soon as a Lion Society club member would stare at the photograph long enough, he would appear in the photograph. Then he would take victim's picture. This would capture the victim into the black and white dimensional realm. Here the victims would become trapped for eternity inside wall mounted photographs.'

Jasper had no intention of stopping. Until he captured every single member of the Lion Society. Finally Jasper old best friend Felix Barish (whom Jasper believed had betrayed him) realized what this portrait was doing. So Felix carefully concealed this photograph behind a portrait of the Tillinghast's 1940s Headmaster Broffman. This disabled the photograph and for the next 55 years, nobody else had been captured into the realm.

Then in the year 2000 a Boy named Chandler was attempting to pull a prank to join the Lion Society. He wanted to swipe this painted and hang it up in the detention room as a joke. But Chandler mistakenly set off an alarm trying to swipe what he thought was just an old Headmasters portrait. Therefore Felix whom was now known as Professor Barish insisted that every room be searched for this photograph. He devoted his life to teaching at the academy. Also to make sure that this portrait was never activated again.

Chandler's roommate and best friend Alex pealed off the portrait to hide it. It was unbeknownst to them at first, as to what the photograph could do. Until Alex witnessed Chandler getting his picture taken and being captured into the realm inside of it. Nobody believed Alex when he cried for help, except for Professor Barish. He advised Alex just to cover it up again, before it could capture anybody else. But before he could the current Lion Society club president Renfrew saw this photograph. He was impressed that Chandler and Alex found it. While admiring it, Jasper caught him, took his picture and captured him as well.

Right before Renfrew was captured, Alex heard him say that the clubhouse in the photo was on the old part of campus. So Alex took this photograph with him over to the now closed and abandoned building. When entering the old building with this photograph, it also served as a port key. This teleported Alex inside the black and white realm. Here Jasper Davis was planning to capture Alex as well. As to not have his cover blown. Or because he thought that Alex was a member of the club as well.

Felix entered the realm and begged and pleaded for him to leave Alex alone. Jasper felt that he had betrayed him. So he captured Felix into a wall mounted photograph. Then as Jasper was getting ready to capture Alex, Alex stumbled upon a secret that Jasper did not know about: When standing by a window it mirrored ones reflection. So Alex pretended to surrender. Then just as Jasper took the picture, Alex jumped out of the way. So Jasper got caught in his own reflection. So he was trapped into his own wall mounted photograph!

Afterwards, Alex opened the camera, and exposed the film. This freed all of the captured souls. Then the realm began to fade and expose. Alex luckily ran out just in time, when looking at this photograph afterwards, the image had vanished. So it was now blank. Therefore it was now destroyed.