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This good character is a heroine.

Jasmine "Jazz" Wilson is a character created by David. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Hatching".


Jasmine often goes by Jazz for short. Unlike her brother she is cool and brave. But she is not too excited about trying new things. During the events of the story, she and her brother Augie were enrolled at a prestigious and reputable boarding school. It was called "The Black Brook School". She and her brother would be attending this school for six months, while their parents went away on business.

When her parents took she and her brother to be registered, they all heard a girl screaming. So they all ran over in concern to see who it was. They found a girl waking up terrified from a dream. The girl Marie told her that it was only a nightmare. She seems confused about why Marie would be having a nightmare during the daytime.

She also found it odd that all the class change bells and announcements bells were all soft vibrating sounds. Then when she and her brother were being registered, her brother's watch went off. She saw that the sounds gave Mr. Taylor a really bad earsplitting headache. But Mr. Taylor said that he was going to be okay and he proceeded to register she and her brother.

She had a bad feeling about the place and was reluctant to stay, but her brother talked her into giving the place a chance, so she decided to.

Then at the first dinner meal she and her brother went to, they met a boy named Kit. He was nice and friendly to her and Augie and made them feel welcome. Kit also tried to persuade her and Augie to try the school dessert: Spunge. An odd looking rice pudding that apparently tasted really good. Still she wasn't convinced to try and she talked her brother into not trying it as well. So she and her brother continued to not eat the Spunge.

In no time at all, she and her brother were getting used to the school and the odd rules. She and her brother started to like the school and made new friends.

Then one night, things took a weird and strange turn. She and her brother saw all of their classmates and friends wake up in the middle of the night. All of the student seemed to be in a trance. Then they went down into the basement of the school. This was where they fertilized some football sized eggs in the pool, by steadily sprinkling a type of powder onto them. She and her brother followed them, and played along with their fellow students. So they wouldn't be suspected of not being in the trance.

Very soon afterwards, she and her brother saw Mr. and Mrs. Taylor reveal themselves to really being reptilian humanoids. They saw them peeling their fake human skins off to scratch their itchy green scales. It turned out, that the Taylors were the last of their kind, and came up with the brilliant idea of running a fake boarding school to lure the students in and fed them the Spunge.

Then the Taylors saw that she and her brother were spying on them. The Taylors now realized they hadn't been eating their Spunge. So now they saw She and her brother as a threat that could expose them. So they chased her and Augie all the way down into the dark damp sewers of the basement.

Since the Taylors now thought that they had she and her brother trapped, they told them their plan, about how they brainwashed the students with the Spunge to take care and nurse of the eggs for them.

The Taylors revealed that the eggs would soon hatch and populate the earth. Also, since the Taylors species are carnivores the newborn babies will immediately feed on the children who took care of them. Then it turned the basement sewer they were chased into stopped at a closing gate. The gate was locked shut and the Taylors announced that they've lead them to where they lead all other misbehaved students. The tunnel was where a master huge mother alien was!

The Taylors watched with insanity as the huge mother alien master slowly closed in to eat her and Augie. However, Augie remembered how high-pitched sounds effected the Taylors. Therefore, Augie plugged his Walkman into a speaker and instructed her to turn the volume up to full blast. Mr. Taylor begged them not to. Then she and her brother started filling the area with full blast earsplitting music.

This caused the master monster to die by exploding and splashing slime everywhere. Also Mr. and Mrs. Taylor died too and nothing was left of them but slimy clothing. Afterwards, it seemed that all of the eggs were destroyed.

She and her brother then went on to tell all the other students what had happened and to have all of their parents take them home.

However she and her brother did not realize that one last egg had survived and it begun to move as if it were about to hatch!

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