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Jed Harris is a character created by Frank. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Full Moon".


A short time before the story took place, his dad left and divorced his mom Ellen. This resulted in him and his mom, to be having financial difficulties. He desperately wanted to get a dog. But his mom kept on saying no, because she felt they could not afford to care for one.

He and his friend Hughie Downs formed their own pet detective business, finding clients lost pets. This was an attempt to show his mom that could be responsible and persuade her to get him a dog. She still would not, but he did not give up. He was bound and determined to get himself a dog.

During the events of the story, he and his friend Hughie had their work cut out for them. Many people in their area had reported their pets missing. He and Hughie were recently hired by a Mrs. Neville to help find her missing cat "Misty".

He had a breakthrough when he found Misty's tag on the sidewalk. This also lead him to finding a bunch of pet tags and collars on the porch of his new neighbor Mr. Ankers. He and Hughie suspected that this new neighbor had something to do with the pets disappearances. Then he clandestinely sneaked into the man's house and snooped around. There he found that the fridge was full of nothing but raw meat! This lead him to believe that Mr. Ankers was eating peoples' pets!

He tried to convince his mom that the new man next door, was kidnapping pets and eating them. She didn't believe a word he said. She just thought it was all an excuse to let him bring home every stray dog he could find.

Then one night later, he was in his bedroom spying on the man next door. He watched the man transform into a werewolf. He even got it recorded on his camera. He was terrified and screamed for his mom's help. When he told her this, she did not believe him. Also the camera footage for some reason disappeared. She just thought that he had dog on his brain, and was just starting to see things in his dreams.

Then with Hughie's help, they looked up information about werewolves. He found out that some people can get a disease and condition called lycanthropy. Which can cause the person to transform into a werewolf during a full moon. Also he found out that werewolves are allergic to red roses and items made from pure silver. Also that werewolves need to eat fresh meat to survive. He got really scared when Hughie read that werewolves also liked to eat children. The only advice Hughie could give him, was to move. Which of course he just could not do.

Soon his mom started dating a new man and he was very happy for her. Also the boyfriend was invited over to dinner that night. Then much to his surprise, his mom's new boyfriend was the man next door! During dinner, he was rude and unpleasant to Mr. Ankers. He kept accusing him of being a werewolf. He tried to prove it to his mom, by poking the Mr. Ankers' hand with a silver fork. Then opening the curtain to expose the full moon at him. However nothing happened.

At first Jed told Hughie that he must have been mistaken. Still he felt the need to investigate Mr. Ankers' house. Since he still had a hunch that something was really going on there. Also that night there was another full moon.

Some time later, he talked Hughie into breaking into Mr. Ankers' house with him. He wanted to find evidence to try to and prove that a werewolf did live in the neighborhood. He and Hughie searched the house top and bottom. Soon Hughie brought to his attention, a photograph he found. It revealed that Mr. Ankers had a twin brother. Then suddenly the werewolf appeared. The werewolf was actually Mr. Ankers' brother Gordon! Gordon chased him and Hughie all around, until he silenced Gordon by blowing on a dog whistle.

Mr. Ankers came home just as Hughie got too scared to stay and ran back home. Mr. Ankers was not mad that they broke into his house. Mr. Ankers explained to him who Gordon was and informed him that he was his only family. Also that he didn't have the heart to have him euthanized. Also that the fact about werewolves eating children was just an old myth. He quickly realized that his Gordon was fairly harmless. Also it turned out that his mom already knew about Gordon before he did. She was afraid at first, but she soon became supportive and understanding. overtime, he became understanding and supportive of Gordon as well.

Soon Mr. Ankers and his mom happily got married and they all moved in together. Everything had all worked out!: Mr. Ankers got his own family, his mom got a wonderful new husband. Most of all, he finally got himself a dog!

This was because when Gordon is transformed, he acts like the equivalent of a dog.


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