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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Jenna is a character created by Gary. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Unfinished Painting".


Jenna is talented artist. She had recently discovered a place called: "The Hunter Gallery". There she met the talented artist Mrs. Briar. Soon she got permission to complete an unfinished painting at the gallery. It was a painting of three girls each from different backgrounds. Under Mrs. Briar's eye, she finished it inside the art gallery. Mrs. Briar gave her a specific paintbrush you use. Although it was a bit thick, Mrs. Briar insisted she always use only it.

Soon she met another teenage girl named: Cody. She also got permission to complete an unfinished painting. Just after Mrs. Briar introduced them to each other, Mrs. Briar got mad at her for using a different brush. She said that the one she was given was too thick. So she found a smaller one with a fine tip. Then Mrs. Briar told her in a rude and cold tone, that inspiration comes from the artist, and not from the tools. So she was talked into using her old brush again.

Soon she finally finished the painting. Mrs. Briar thought it looked magnificent and wanted her to sign it. She wasn't sure that she should. Since it wasn't originally her painting. Mrs. Briar told her that since she gave the painting life, that she deserved to sign it. Then Mrs. Briar smiled an evil smile as she signed her name on it.

Then suddenly she was instantly captured and trapped inside the painting. The painting magically altered, with one of the characters on it looking like her. Then Mrs. Briar's signature was painted over hers.

It turned out that the whole gallery was a trap set up by Mrs. Briar who was actually a soul hunter, serving her master: The Shrunken Head. The idea was to lure artists to complete unfinished paintings. Once the artist finished the painting, the artist literally gave it life. Then once the artist signed it, they would get captured inside. Then Mrs. Briar and the Shrunken head would steal the victims soul and remain living eternally.

When Cody saw her painting on the wall the next day, she was suspicious. Since one of the girls on it now looked liked her. Mrs. Briar lied to her, and said that she phoned in saying that she quit. So she wouldn't be coming by anymore.

Soon Cody discovered that she had forgotten her backpack, after Mrs. Briar told her that she wouldn't be coming by any more. So Cody suspecting foul play was happening to the artists who finished the paintings. After Cody luckily escaped from the painting she got trapped in, she confiscated all the brushes in the gallery. Then Cody threw them all into a big fire.

In little explosion all of the brushes were destroyed. This defeated the Shrunken Head and Mrs. Briar died, who then died after losing their life sustaining powers. Then she was freed and asked Cody who Mrs. Briar really was. Cody told her that they may never really know.


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