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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Jennifer Johnson is a character created by Kiki. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dream Machine".


Jennifer is best friends with Sean Hackett and a slacker named Billy. She attends school with them. For the longest time, she always just saw Sean as her friend. But Sean had a crush on her, and used her as a character in just about every story he would write.

Recently her friend Sean had found a cursed typewriter called the Dream Machine. One night Sean used it to write a story about her. The story was called " The Halloween Dance". It was about her high school having a Halloween costume dance, everyone was all dressed up. As always, she was the main character in the story. She was dressed as a beautiful Gypsy princess and Sean was a dressed as a vampire. They danced together for hours. For a while, she really seemed to be enjoying her dream. Then near the end of the dream, the night ended when they had their good night kiss. Sean revealed he was really a vampire! As he opened his fangs to bite her on the neck. Jennifer woke up horrified from the nightmare before she was bitten.

When she told Sean about the nightmare at school, he soon realized that the typewriter could create bad dreams. So the next night Sean used the dream machine to contact her in her dream. He told her that he wrote her vampire nightmare and explained that his typewriter was a dream machine and that he can create any dream he wants with it. She told him that it was also a scary thing. He realized she was right so he asked her to contact him when she woke up. Then for the first time they had their first kiss. Then when she woke up she called him, telling him that she got his message and that she believed him.

After school, she met with Sean and Billy at Sean's room to discuss how to dispose of the dream machine typewriter. Then Billy begun reading the 'Halloween Dance". She and Sean noticed the typewriter glowing. Then she and she were transported into the story.

There she and Sean realized that they had no choice or free will but to perfectly act out the story. So Sean was turned into a vampire and she as a gypsy princess, and they begun dancing. Then just as Sean was about to bite her on the neck, Billy got creeped out and stopped reading. So luckily Sean didn't bite her.

Then Sean mentioned that he handed in a story titled "Trapped" to Mrs. Dodds as an assignment. It a story about Billy going to a graveyard late at night on a dare, to look for a certain grave. But Billy ends up getting buried alive!

So she and her friends went back to school to get it back. But she and her friends had trouble finding their teacher. Then Sean decided to stop the dream machine once and for all. So Sean wrote a small paragraph and she read it out loud. It said: "The typewriter stopped glowing, and all the stories ever written on it never came true!".

Then the typewriter glowed green one last time. Then in a puff of smoke, it vanished. She and Sean was very relieved to see Billy safe and and sound, and to never have worry about the Dream Machine ever again.


  • Nicole Lyn co-starred with Ross Hull as friends Chris Sheppard and Emily Roberts in the TV show Student Bodies.

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