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This is a neutral character as well as a victim!

Jersey is a character created by Frank. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dangerous Soup".


Jersey was an employee at The Wild Boar Restaurant. Her job at the restaurant was being a waitress. She took orders and brought customers their meals. She also worked with Nonnie Walker the hostess, Paul, Sly and the new guy Reed Hansen.

The restaurant was owned and ran by Dr. Vink. Dr. Vink became famous with his most popular dish: The Dangerous Soup. The soup was beyond delicious and became very popular. It made both the restaurant and Dr. Vink a fortune.

She was a little dishonest, sometimes trying to sneak another taste of the dangerous soup. Since Dr. Vink forbid his employees from having no more than one taste each.

She was soon transferred to cleaning the kitchen. She objected because she liked her current job of being a waitress better. Dr. Vink told her she was transferred to the kitchen because the customers found her to be too loud. Hearing this she got offended. So she started to have a tantrum, and she started banging on the pots and pans.

Soon Dr. Vink told her he chose her to work in the kitchen to become his now prodigy, and he decided to disclose the origin of the infamous soup to her. So she was led into a dark room, which looked like an empty freezer. She was instructed to sit down. When she did she was locked into the chair. Then the wall panel came down and a Gargoyle came out. Dr. Vink told her that it knew what scared her. It turns out that Dr. Vink had somehow captured the gargoyle from a tribe of savage warriors. It used illusions to make its victims become scared. Then it would extract a green elixir. The elixir was fear itself. Which was a powerful and tasty emotion. This green elixir was used to flavor the dangerous soup to give it that delicious and powerful flavor. Also when drank, the elixir would give to the person theirs victims strength and powers.

When she was exposed to the gargoyle, she saw the horrifying illusion of his greatest fear: Sharp objects. Suddenly a huge razor-sharp pendulum begun to vigorously swing above her, scaring her out of her skin. Afterwards. Nonnie and Reed could hear her screaming. So they insisted for Dr. Vink to let her out. When she came out, she was in shock. Then she quit her job and she left. Then she was not seen again.

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