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This is a neutral character as well as a victim!

Jesse is a minor character created Megan. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Walking Shadow".


Jesse is a student. He attends Greenwich High School with Vanessa and Ross Doyle. He is a talented actor, but he is stuck up, arrogant and rude. During the events of the story his school was performing the Shakespearean play Macbeth. He auditioned for and got the lead role of Macbeth. He saw this as his opportunity spend more time with Vanessa and get closer with her. However, Vanessa was turned off by him. She found him to be stuck up and obnoxious.

One day, he and the director Kim went over to meet with Ross and Vanessa at the coffee shop. Here he overheard Vanessa giving Ross tips on how to not be so nervous when performing. Just as she was rehearsing her scene where Lady Macbeth thinks she is seeing a spot of blood on her hand, he spilled a drop of ketchup on her and startled her. He tried to get her relax and lighten up, saying that Macbeth is allowed to kid with Lady Macbeth. She was annoyed and not amused. So she reminded him that he wasn't allowed to do so, outside of the play. Then later on at the stage, he teased Ross about being nervous and having stage fright. Then he insulted him be telling him that he was only playing Macduff, as if to say his character wasn't as important as his own. Then Vanessa give him a lecture about too full of himself.

Then finally the dress rehearsal took place. The performance was going perfectly. Then just before the final act began, in heart pounding suspense someone creeped up to him from behind. Then he was locked inside of a wardrobe and the imposter went in his place. It turned out that the imposter was the ghost of the theater. He was was the ghost of Adrian Harcombe: an actor who portrayed Macbeth in a play fifty years earlier. But Adrian had unexpectedly died before the final act began. Therefore Adrian Harcombe went in his place to finally finish his performance, which Adrian had been waiting to do for so long. In order for Adrian to complete his unfinished business. He was unaware of what was going on. During the final act, he kept on struggling with all of his might to break out of the wardrobe. He finally broke free from the wardrobe right before the act was finished. It is unknown if he was ever informed about what had happened.

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