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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Jessie is a character created by Vange. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of Many Faces".


Jessie is a gorgeous brunette. She has long hair and striking brown eyes. She is also a nice, sweet, caring and supportive person. During the events of the story she auditioned to appear in new issues of a magazine. It was from a company named: Spree. A French photographer named Jacques ran the auditions. He was the photographer and he took many impressive photos of her. He was so impressed and pleased by her beauty, that he chose her to become the next Spree Sweater girl. She was thrilled and all of her friends Were happy for her. Then she noticed that her friend had Emma walked off disappointed.

Then in the dressing room, she comforted her. She supported her by telling her that she would make the next cut. Also to not give up because she was beautiful as well. Emma doubted herself. Since Emma had thin lips and a slightly big nose. Then a beautiful blonde talent scout approached Emma, telling Emma that she was right about her being beautiful. The talent scout claimed to be from: "The Madame Visage Theater Company". The Talent Scout gave Emma her card. Then the Talent Scout told Emma to come and check the place out if; she was interested.

The Next day at Spree, she posed beautifully for her pictures, when Emma stopped by. She was surprised to see that Emma's skin now glowed and she looked radiant. Jacques was so impressed and stunned with her friend's improved beauty that he gave Emma another audition. In fact Jacques was so impressed with her friend's beauty that he chose Emma her become the cover girl for Spree magazine. She was so happy for her that they hugged and everyone else clapped.

In the dressing room, she asked Emma how she improved her appearance so soon. Emma told her that it was from using a special face powder that was given to her from Madame Visage. At first she seemed concerned over Emma meeting a stranger. So she asked her who she was. Emma said that she was the same woman who wanted her as the lead in her next play. Emma then said goodbye to her and headed back to the theater.

What she didn't know was that Emma was in danger! Madame Visage was a malevolent witch. An evil witch who stayed young by capturing young beautiful women's face. After using the magical face powder given to a girl by Madame Visage. It was eventually enable Madame Visage to actually capture the girl's face. Madame Visage would store the captured faces in a containment book. Then Madame Visage would switch faces whenever she felt like it. Madame also kept the girls as faceless slaves. The slaves wore porcelain masks. They mask had a blank default feminine expression on them. If the slaves disobeyed, or tried to run away Madame Visage would trapped them inside the punishment book! Where they would never be seen again!

She then curiously followed Emma to the theater to meet Madame Visage. She was eager to try the powder out for herself. Suddenly she bumped Emma. Emma was dressed in silk robes with feather trim and wore a turban. What she did not know was that Madam Visage had just stolen Emma's face and enslaved her. She did not know that Madame Visage was masquerading as Emma. Instead she only believed that she Emma who was merely in a costume rehearsing. Madame Visage saw her as a next potential victim. So she gratefully allowed her to begin using as much of the face powder as she wanted.

Then slave #66 reported to Madame Visage. She found her to be a little creepy. Madame Visage went to take care of a situation. Emma and a slave known as #87 (Lizzie) tried run away with the punishment book. Emma then threw the punishment book into the fireplace. Believing that it would destroy it. Madame Visage laughed and retrieved the book. Madame Visage claimed that it couldn't be destroyed so easily. Then Emma and Lizzie were restrained by the other girls.

She observed what had happened. So she began to think that things were getting really weird. So she told Emma that she wanted to leave now. She didn't recognize Emma or any of the other girls with their porcelain masks on. She got really freaked out when she heard the masked Emma explained to her that the girl that she thought was her, wasn't actually her. However she could not leave. Since she was now held in restrain by two other slaves. Since Madame Visage was now going to prepare to steal her face as well.

Madame Visage stood before all of the girls. Madame Visage explained that those two girls broke her rules. Therefore they were going to be sent into the punishment book. Emma then encouraged a mutiny for the girls to try and remember their names, just be themselves and to fight back. Eventually all of the slaves bonded together and held Madame Visage in a restrain. Then #66 joined the mutiny revealing her name to be Lorette. So Lorette and Emma decided that it was time to give Madame Visage her real face back. Emma walked up to Madame Visage with the binder that contained Madame Visage's original elderly face.

Then Emma tapped the face onto Madame Visage. Instantly Madame Visage's true old age was restored. Then suddenly Madame Visage plopped down on the desk and fainted. When Emma checked on her, Madame Visage had instantly died from old age. All that was left of Madame Visage was a skeleton. Having seen the whole thing, she was just shocked and speechless.

Emma and the rest of the slaves were all ecstatic and rejoiced to find out they had gotten their faces back. Meanwhile, she was puzzled as she looked through what used to be the punishment book. which was now just full of blank pages.

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