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This good character is a heroine.

Jessie Dixon is a character created by Sam. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Room for Rent".


Jessie was an ambitious and hardworking girl. She was always volunteering and doing odd jobs for money. Mostly she did them for the town psychic Sara Simpson, who was also a lifelong friend of her Grandpa Samuel.

For reasons unknown, she was being raised by her Grandpa. She and her Grandpa were close and got along really well. Recently, her Grandpa had recovered from an illness. So he temporarily moved his bedroom to the first floor. That way, he wouldn't have to walk up and down the stairs. Also during the recovery time, he was on leave from his job. So income was low. Therefore he decided to rent out his room, much to her chagrin. Since she wasn't comfortable with a stranger living in their house.

Then one night later, she and her best friend Alex were on the way home from the movies. She decided to stop by Mrs. Simpson's house to pick up the money that she earned from her. When she was about to knock on the door, she and Alex witnessed a man's spirit flying in from the ceiling. She and Alex got so scared that they ran home terrified.

The next morning, she got a shocking surprise: The spirit came over to inquire about the room for rent. She was terrified not wanting a spirit living in her house. So she kept trying to talk her Grandpa out of it. But her Grandpa allowed him to rent the room.

Soon she and Alex told Mrs. Simpson what they saw. Mrs. Simpson explained that she did a psychic meditation called the opening. Which could only be done on the Ninth hour, of the Ninth day of the Ninth month. It was to allow a spirit from heaven to temporarily return to earth. Then allow it to fulfill their unfinished business. Also that the returning spirit only had until the next full moon. Also that the spirit has no physical contact. Therefore the spirit needs to possess someone.

She and Alex got so scared, worrying that they could get possessed. So they had a sleepover at her house. She and Alex soon saw that the spirit about to possess her grandpa. So she screamed at it to stop. Then she tried to barricade her door with the dresser. Then the spirit partially went through her door and warned her not to get in his way. Now she realized that the spirit only wanted to possess her Grandpa.

When she and Alex told Mrs. Simpson that it was only after her Grandpa, Alex recognized the spirit from an old picture. Mrs. Simpson said the man in it was her old fiancé Jacob. Jacob and her Grandfather served in the air force together in world war II. Then their plane was hit. So her grandpa gave him a parachute, but the parachute failed. Now she realized that Jacob the spirit was back for revenge on her grandpa.

Then later that night, she looked through her Grandpa's old photos and letters. She was shocked to find out that years ago, her Grandpa and Mrs. Simpson were in love at a time. Then she found her Grandpa's old diary. Which contained information about what had really happened.

Just then, she got a phone call from Mrs. Simpson. She told her that her Grandpa was standing outside her house. She now realized that Jacob finally succeeded in possessing her grandpa. So she and Alex hurried over to try and stop him.

She demanded he leave her Grandpa alone. Then Jacob (in possession of Samuel) told her that her grandfather would live through him. Then his soul would go to heaven in his place. Then she told him that her Grandpa tried to save him. So she handed him the old diary. It revealed that her Grandpa thought that he and Jacob were not going to make it. After their plane was hit. So her grandpa gave Jacob the last parachute. Then he took a risk trying to land the plane. But her grandpa didn't know the parachute would fail.

Then Mrs. Simpson revealed to Jacob that she had planned to break up with him after the war. But she never had the chance to tell him. She also revealed that all along, she was really in love with her Grandpa instead. So Jacob released her Grandpa from his possession and ascended back to heaven.

Then after her Grandpa came too, he asked what was going on. Mrs. Simpson told her it could be a new start. Soon her Grandpa and Mrs. Simpson happily renewed their loving relationship.


  • The characters last name was based on Will Dixon, who directed the episode that she was in.

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