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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Jill Petterson is a character created by Kristen. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Final Wish".


Jill Petterson was immature and childish for a girl her age. Instead of liking the normal things 13-year-old girls enjoyed she still slept with her dolly, played with troll dolls and believed in monsters under her bed and loved to read all sorts of fairytales. This childish behavior got on her family’s nerves.

Her older brother kept teasing her about the monster being under her bed and would hide under her bed and grab her to scare her. Also her classmates at school kept picking on her about her immaturity to. One night when her brother woke her up and her screaming woke her parents, they were so fed up that her mother told her to grow up,

Then Jill looked out her window at the night sky and said  "What's so wrong about wanting to live in a world where dreams come true, and you can wish on a star? I wish I could, and I wish everybody would just leave me alone.". This happened, when she looked out onto the night sky and held The Sandman's book to her chest and wished upon a shooting star.

The next morning, Jill's wish was granted and all of her friends and family and everyone she knew were in an eternal sleep and trapped in his mystical dimensional realm The Land of Nod. When she looked to see if anything was under her bed, a head popped out and startled her by saying "Hi There!" and she was sucked under her bed and instantly sent to the Sandman's Dimension.

Then Jill met The Sandman himself. He informed her that she was now in The Land of Nod, where everyone goes to dream forever. The reason this has happened was because The Sandman granted her wish and now everyone would sleep forever in the land of Nod and leave her alone. Also she was told she was now in her own fairytale. Jill upset, demanded to go home but The Sandman wouldn't let her claiming that fairytales can't be changed.

Jill wanted everyone to go back home. She was told that she should have been a little more careful with what she wished for. Jill tried to run away, she passed by all the sleeping floating people again and to a number of unknown doors. Jill tried a white door with a red question mark this happens to be for the story, Alice in Wonderland, inside happened to be the Queen of Hearts who was holding a huge Battle Axe and for unknown reasons she approached Jill and screamed "OFF WITH HER HEAD!" Jill screamed and slammed the door and ran off. When Jill tried another door and it turned out to be for the story Hansel and Gretel, the hideous witch was standing right in front of her stove and she looked at Jill and told her "I was expecting Hansel and Gretel.. but you'll do nicely come closer my dear ha ha ha ha" Jill shuts the doors and runs off again.

Jill passed by the floating, sleeping people again. She recognized a couple of them now including her own brother. She begged for him to wake up. Then she saw her own parents and she was devastated and ran off crying. When she stopped running she cried and shouted that she didn't want this to happened, and wasn't what she wished for. The Sandman's face appears huge in the dark ceiling telling her in a laughing tone that yes it was what she wished for and welcomed her to her own fairy tale.

Jill once again runs off screaming, ending up back in The Sandman's office room and she approached the huge hour glass and threatens to smash it, if he didn't send her and everyone back home. The Sandman now appears and is he serious and concerned pleading her not to break it. She demands he send Her and friends and family and everyone else back home claiming she and everyone there are just prisoners.

The Sandman then got really annoyed, and told her that the way she was acting wasn't how her fairytale was supposed to end. if she insisted on being foolish he would have to put her to sleep to. When hearing this Jill now smiles a bit of relief and realizes that the Sandman just contradicted himself and fairytales can be changed after all. Then she smashed the huge hourglass.

When the hourglass smashes The Sandman screamed no, then all the visions of everything scary Jill saw recently in her nightmares and behind the doors appear and disappear in a flash. Then she woke up in a full blast terrified scream waking up her entire family. She’s thrilled to see everyone back again and apologizes for being a pain and decides it times to stop believing in fairytales and to grow up.

However when she went back to sleep the wind blew open "The Sandman and Other Tales" book to the last story in the book called Tale of the Final Wish. On the last page in the book, it said "The little girl went back to sleep, promising never to believe in fairytales again. If only she knew she never would have gotten into that bed again! This could have meant either Jill would from now on have the worse nightmares ever, or The Sandman still was going to capture her.


  • Samantha Chemerika also portrayed Sharon.

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