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Jodie Resther, was born in November 28, 1977 in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

She portrayed the role of Kiki and was on the show for the entire length of the first five seasons. She also voiced her character for the audio cassette book series Are You Afraid of the Dark?: More Tales From The Midnight Society.

According to an interview, originally her character was going to be portrayed by Bethanny Nurse. However before the Pilot episode was filmed she replaced Bethanny Nurse.

Other than working on Are You Afraid of the Dark? She's very famous for doing the voice of Francine Frensky in the PBS Kids show Arthur since 1996 . In the episode "The Tale of the Room for Rent", Alex was portrayed by Melissa Altro, who voices Muffy in Arthur, and Jessie's grandpa was played by Walter Massey, who voices Principal Haney.

She also portrayed the role of Mimi Sperling in the television show Vampire High and the role of Sparks in the television show Mental Block. She has also made appearances in the shows such as Undressed and Fries with That.