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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Joe is a minor character created by Stig. He in the episode "The Tale of the Dead Man's Float".


Joe was a young boy and athlete in the early 1950s. His older Cindy, was the girlfriend of Charlie Dempster. Charlie was also the lifeguard of his sister's school swimming pool (that had just opened). One day, his sister took him to her school to swim in the pool. At first there was something about the pool that made him feel apprehensive. So he asked Charlie if he was sure that the pool was safe. Charlie exasperatedly told him that it was, but to just swim carefully.

However, as he jumped into the pool and started swimming, Charlie wasn't doing his job. Instead Charlie was more interested in making out with Cindy. Then suddenly he began to smell the most foul and unpleasant smell. It was coming from an invisible partly acid based corpse, that was haunting the swimming pool! In order to build the school pool, they had to remove an old cemetery that was next to it. They thought that they had moved all of the buried bodies. However one was forgotten. Therefore its spirited manifested into a vengeful corpse. One who wanted revenge on whoever dared to disturb its eternal sleep. Whenever it would approach a victim, it would give off a foul acid like smell.

As he started to complain about the follow smell, suddenly the invisible corpse caught him. Then it began tugging on his foot to pull him and drown him. He was horrified and scream to Charlie that something was in the pool, and to help him. He screamed so fearfully loud, that his sister and Charlie hurried out to check on him. His sister and Charlie were horrified to see him. As he constantly tried to break free from the process of being drowned.

Charlie instantly grabbed a buoy and jumped in and attempted to save him. However, the corpse was invisible and it couldn't be seen. So no matter how hard Charlie tried, he just couldn't save him. Therefore he drowned in the pool and died. After he drowned, three more soon innocent people drowned as well. Finally the school pool was closed off and forgotten for many years.

Finally forty years later, the school pool finally reopened. The corpse attempted to drown an athlete named Clorice and a smart student named Zeke Matthews. So Zeke Methyl Orange into the pool. When Methyl Orange reacts with acid, it turns it red. This made the corpse finally become visible. Then Clorice doused it with Manganite, when Manganite reacts with water it always explodes. This defeated the corpse. Then finally he and the other three victims were finally avenged.


  • Jay Baruchel made three more appearances in the first series revival. In which he portrayed the roles of: Alex, Ross Doyle and Jason Midas.

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