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John Earlstead (1905 - 1974) is a character created by Betty Ann. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Silent Servant".


Was a farmer and owner of a farm, he had a farmhand who work on his farm named George. He was the true master and owner of an amulet called The Dragon's Talisman. A small amulet with two dragon's heads on each end.

With this amulet, he could control a Scarecrow called The Silent Servant to do anything he wanted. However, the Scarecrow was evil and eventually caused his farm hand George to become mad and maniacally insane, and become known as Crazy George. Soon he died, how he died is unknown.

Then in 1994, his amulet was found and two kids began to summon his servant to do their chores and dirty work. Eventually it was proven that even in death only he could separate the dragons and stop The Silent Servant.

This was done by breaking the Dragon's Talisman in half on his gravestone.

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