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This is a good character as well as a victim!

John Wood is a character created by Betty Ann. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner".


He and his wife Marsha love their son Ethan dearly. For the longest time he and his wife thought that their son was wasting too much time reading comic books and trying to become a comic book artist. However both he and his wife are slobs. Also he and wife have a bad habit of eating junk food and watching too much television.

During the events of the story, he and her wife were not too happy that they got another phone call from their son's school. It informed them that their son was causing trouble in class again by wasting his time on comic books. So he and her wife both agreed, that if they got another phone call with the same complaint, their son would have no more comic books until he finished college.

He was also unaware that his son had received a unique one-of-a-kind comic book called: The Ghastly Grinner. The comic was about an insanely evil jester like clown, who feeds off of its victims emotions. Until the victims are nothing more than laughing and drooling idiots.

Also when his son got home, he used the microwave to dry the comic book after it got wet. Then while his son was busy talking on the phone, his wife plugged in the waffle iron to make pizza waffles. With one too many devices plugged in, the microwave exploded. This enabled the Ghastly Grinner to enter the real world.

Both he and his wife were the first new victims of the Ghastly Grinner. They both instantly became helpless slime drooling and laughing idiot. When his son told him that his wife victimized, he was so that it also happened to him to. He asked his son in a high pitched and zany voice if had heard any new jokes lately. Then he begun to helpless drool and laugh as his son ran off to seek help.

Soon he and his wife traced the girl who called their son. It was Hooper Picalarro. So they invited her parents over to meet a so called uncle Bob. When they actually lured them to be new victims of the Grinner.

Soon his son realized it was his destiny to complete the last issue of the Ghastly Grinner: The Death of the Ghastly Grinner. In the issue his son was the super hero Ethan. Then his son defeated the Grinner with more exposure to microwave rays. At first his son appeared to be trapped inside the comic. Until Hooper's erased the Grinner's face. This defeated the Grinner. Soon he, his wife and all the new victims were changed back to normal.

Soon his son's new comic about the super hero Ethan became a real hit comic book. Now he and his wife were both really proud that their son really did become a comic artist.

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