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This a good character as well as a ghost!

John "Johnny" Angelli is a character created by Sam. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dream Girl".


He and his sister Erica were very close. He and his sister worked together in the same bowling alley. Where he was a repairman. One night he found a beautiful silver in his locker. It piqued his interest, so he put it onto his baby finger. Then he got alarmed when it got stuck and would not come off.

Later that evening at home he tried everything to slip the ring off. All except cutting off his finger, but it would not come off. Then his mom came by and told his sister it was time for bed. When he said good night to his mom, she seemed to just ignore him, which really confused him.

Instead of going up to bed, he decided to stay up watching television. Soon he fell asleep and he could hear a teenage girls voice calling out to him. She asked him a few times where he was. Then she said that she found him. Suddenly a gorgeous brunette teenage girl entered the living room. She asked him several times to wake up. She kept on coming closer to him. When she did this, the sound of a train riding along the train tracks could be heard. Just when she was about to kiss him on the cheek, the sound of a girl screaming in the background could be heard. Then he woke up in a frightened shock. Confused about his dream, he tried to take the ring off again. Still it wouldn't even budge.

Later that afternoon at the bowling alley, The manager was in a very good mood. He told his sister that he's just gone through another month without having to hire another maintenance guy, and there still hasn't been a problem for four months. So he left smiling in satisfaction. He overheard him and he felt insulted, ignored and invisible. So he questioned his sister about why the manager wasn't mentioning or appreciating the work he has done.

For a second something caught his eye. Then he explained to his sister that lately he's been having dreams about the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. Erica tried to assure him that it was perfectly normal. He remarked that the dreams just seemed so real, and he had never seen her before. Now he just couldn't stop thinking about her. Also that she looked a lot like another girl who was sitting across the room.

Erica identified the girl to be Cheryl Lightheart. Then he decided to go over and talk to her. However, Erica didn't think this would be such a good idea. He tried to speaking Cheryl to say that he liked her. Cheryl on the other hand was rude, and she just seemed to ignore him like he wasn't even there. His sister became worried seeing him be so sad and feeling like his was invisible to everyone.

Later, in the locker room, he could hear the girl calling out to him. She now said her name was Donna. Then he looked down the lockers and suddenly there she was, calling out to him again. Shocked, he ran off to find Erica but he could not find her. Suddenly Donna appeared in the bowling alley. So he went over to see her, but when he got there she was gone. Then as he was leaving, he could hear the sound of train tracks again. Then suddenly he could also hear the horrifying sound of a girl screaming. The sound was intense, as he covered his ears in agonizing horror. Then he shook it off and headed home and he tried to speak to his mom, but once again she seemed to ignore him. Then she dropped a letter addressed to him. Then he spoke about it with Erica.

The letter was love poem from Donna Maitland. She invited him to meet her that night at The Bowlerama snack bar. Although he had a weird feeling about it, he decided to go. He just wanted to know more about her. That night he went to the snack bar, and surprisingly it was open so late after hours. The waitress served him hot Apple Pie A La Mode, and a cola. Which was surprisingly his favorite snack, and somehow the waitress just knew.

He finished his snack and got up to leave thinking that she wouldn't show up. Suddenly Donna finally showed up and she apologized for being late. He and her begin to dance for a while. He asked her who she was and how she knew him. She told him he must know because he was wearing her ring. Then she told him that it was almost time to go. Also that she wants him to leave with her. The suddenly the clocks chimed. Donna said that it was too late right now. So she would wait for him and she left and vanished.

He ran home scared and confused and spoke to his sister. He told her that he went there and they met. Erica held out a newspaper picture asking him if this was the girl he saw. He said yes it was her, Erica was upset to reveal that she was dead. Johnny was now upset and shocked to hear her this. It turned out that Donna died in a car accident. She was driving with her boyfriend and the car got stuck on the train tracks. They made it out of the car, but Donna forgot her ring in the car. It was the ring her boyfriend had recently given her. Therefore Donna ran back to the car to get it. But she didn't make it in time. So the train came by and smashed into the car killing her.

Now he was scared because now he knew that she was a ghost. Also that now she wanted him to leave with her taking him to an early grave. Since he chose to wear her ring and become her new boyfriend. The next day he tried everything to get the ring off, but it still wouldn't come off. Suddenly Donna appeared before him again. She told him not run away from her and she wanted him to go with her. He told her to take the ring back because he didn't want it. Donna got a bit frustrated telling him that he should know by now that it was him that she wanted, and he should have understood that by now. He got scared he asked her to leave him alone. She came closer and she told him that it was time to go now and he yelled no. Suddenly as Erica appeared, Donna vanished. Erica, seeing him looking tense and freaked out asked him if he was okay.

Then at home he nervously paced back and forth. Suddenly the phone rang and it was for him and it was Donna. He rudely answered the phone, telling her he knew that it was all a big joke and to just leave him alone. Then from the phone Donna was heard telling him she was sorry and that she wouldn't bother him anymore. Suddenly the ring slipped off his finger at long last. When it did Erica asked him if he still thought that it was nothing but a joke. He now thought that perhaps she just wanted her ring back. So he decided to visit the cemetery to return it to her.

Later that night he and his sister visit the cemetery and they searched for her grave. Then suddenly he tripped and fell down. Now he had an instinct to wipe the leaves off the plot in front of him. He wiped off the leaves to reveal Donna's name was on it. Erica asked him, how he just knew it would be right there. He became a little puzzled and he asked her what she was talking about. She then told him that perhaps he had already been here before. He then asked her why would he ever be inside a cemetery. Then his sister was getting upset and she told him to think it over and then tell her.

Now his sister reminded him that he remembered exactly what had happened. As he stared at the plot, train track sounds could be heard again. He said that when the car got stuck on the tracks they both got out at first. Then Donna remembered she forgot her ring inside the car. So she ran back to get it because it meant so much to her. Donna was too late the train was coming and she couldn't get out in time. Now hearing her scream in his head, He now remembered everything, So he screamed her name out loud. Then Erica asked him what happened next. He very upsettingly said that he turned back and ran in to try to push her out of the way, but it was too late. The train was already there and it crashed into both of them.

Now he wiped off the rest of the leaves to reveal that his name was also on the plot below Donna's name. He snapped at Erica about why she never told him. She told him that it was because he just didn't remember. He came back from the accident with amnesia and he acted like nothing had happened. It turned out that his sister was the only person that could see him, and no one else could. So everyone didn't mean to ignore him and treat him like he was invisible. It was actually because nobody could see him because he was a ghost. Also for some unknown reason he couldn't remember the accident or anything that had happened. Also he didn't even know that he was dead. Now he asked her what they should do. Erica told him that now that he knew, everything would be fine. So they could still move on and be a family.

Suddenly Donna showed up, she was thrilled to see that he had come back to her. So now Donna told him that it was time and he agreed. Then with a heavy heart his sister realized that crossing over with Donna was what he wanted to do. So he and Erica hugged goodbye for the last time and said that they loved each other. With Donna's permission he gave her the ring to remember him by. Then he kissed her on the cheek. Then he and Donna share a passionate kiss and reunited. Then they slowly walked off together in the dense fog to the after life. As Erica looked on knowing that he would at last be happy once again.

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