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This is a neutral character.

Josh is a character created by Betty Ann. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Laughing in the Dark".


Josh is best friends with another boy named Weegee. Josh always teases Weegee about being scared and a wimp, and brags about how big and brave he is. One night at the local amusement Playland, Josh wants to go into The Laughing in the Dark Funhouse, but Weegee and his sister are too scared to go in because it's said to be haunted and weird things happen in it.

Weegee dares Josh to prove he is not chicken either by going into the funhouse all by himself to the end and back. Josh takes up the challenge and when he gets to the end he is encountered by a scary clown dummy named Zeebo. Zeebo is said to be the ghost of a circus clown who robbed his own circus. He died in the funhouse when it caught fire from his cigar, now he is said to haunt the funhouse. Josh takes the dummy's clown nose as proof he did it and makes Weegee wear it to school for a week, much to Weegee's chagrin.

Josh later finds out he is home alone for the night. He microwaves the spaghetti his parents left him and tastes some of the chocolate pudding. He gets startled and drops the pudding when he can hear someone might be in his house. Soon Weegee phones to apologizes for being a wimp about the bet and to tell him that he won fair and square. Josh thanks him and decided to just let him wear the nose for one day.

Someone phones again in creepy and scratchy voice saying "Give it back" At first he is a bit nervous but shakes it off thinking Weegee is messing with him. He gets his spaghetti out of the microwave and it's burning with brown smoke arising. Josh is terrified to see it's not spaghetti but a big bowl of burning blunt cigars. Also the chocolate pudding spilled on the floor has a "Z" print on it causing him to run off screaming in terror.

He hides in his room, and phones Weegee back wanting to know if he just called him making a Zeebo prank call. Weegee says no and mentions that he sounds scared. Josh breaks down and confesses that he was scared of the rides and he's really scared now. Suddenly Another person gets in their conversation and Josh asks Kathy to put it down, only for Weegee to reply that they only one phone in his house. Their call is then interrupted by the strange voice, who insists to "give it back", or else he'll come upstairs to take it, revealing that Zeebo's ghost is in Josh's house. Josh locks his door and escapes through his window after seeing a purple balloon coming under his door that says, "GIVE IT BACK!" pop.

Josh returns to Laughing in the Dark, he enters, and returns Zeebo's nose, along with a humidor of cigars as a peace offering. He says out loud "Okay, I shouldn't have taken your nose I'm sorry" he bends down and puts it on the floor and says "There it's all yours", then he gets out the humidor of cigars opens it and shows a few and says "And uh.., to show there's no hard feelings. Look cigars all for you". He puts them down and slowly leaves.


  • Christian Tessier who also portrayed Kullback.

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