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Josh is a minor character created by Sam. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Long Ago Locket".


Josh attends school with Jimmy Armstrong and April, whom he is both friends with. He enjoys watching scary movies. Recently he invited April to join him to see a new movie. It was called Tower of Blood: Part 4. It is unknown if he asked April to go as a friend, or if he has feelings for her. Also he was unaware that Jimmy also had just asked her to go skating with him, when the new ice rink was going to open. So he unintentionally upset Jimmy, who has feelings for April. He made him think that April may eventually choose him.

Soon he and April saw that Jimmy fell down in the woods. He and and April asked him if he was all right. Then Jimmy told him and April that he was looking for a contact lens. The truth was that when Jimmy entered the woods, he entered a time slip, back to the revolutionary war. In which Jimmy met a lost Minuteman named Lt. William who was being pursued by the Red coats. So it was up to Jimmy to lead the minuteman to escape route.

Soon Jimmy revealed the truth to him and April, and Jimmy asked him to lend him his boombox. He and April thought that he was just tired and stressed and not thinking clearly. After Jimmy convinced him how important it was, he lent it to him, on the condition he didn't waste the batteries. Then when Jimmy traveled back to the past in the woods again. He saw his minuteman friend had been captured by the British. The minutemen was just about to be executed by hanging for being a spy. Then Jimmy played the boombox really loud. The music spooked and distracted the Red Coats. So thanks to his boombox, Lt. William escape was able to escape.


  • Joel Gordon also portrayed Billy.

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