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This character, is portrayed by a special guest star.

Josh Dugan is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Guardian's Curse".


Josh and his sister Cleo were raised by their father Professor James Dugan. His mom passed away when he and his sister were very young. So his dad was raising them all by himself. Their dad: a brilliant archaeologist and Egyptologist tried to be a good father. But he was always very wrapped up in his work.

He and his family were about to go on their ski trip vacation. Then at the last minute, his father's colleague Dr. Capel-Smith contacted him. The news was that a crew had finally found the sarcophagus of Mina the Guardian. The sarcophagus had been stolen by thieves in the 1920s and was hidden inside the basement of an old building.

Not being able to pass up this opportunity, his father cancelled their vacation to stay home and study the sarcophagus and the mummified remains of Mina the Guardian, which was sealed up inside. This really disappointed he and her sister. Since once again something had come up at the last minute. So once again, their vacation was cancelled.

His dad and Dr. Capel-Smith explained to he and his sister that Mina was said to be an ancient Egyptian Goddess, and she used her Ring of Eternity to bring forth life from the earth every spring. Also that as good as Mina was she could also be vindictive, having the power to turn her enemies into stone. Then the sarcophagus was opened to reveal Mina's rotting mummified remains. He thought it was gross, while his sister thought it was cool.

Later that night at home, his dad was busy studying the hieroglyphics on the sarcophagus. Then he and her sister brought their dad his supper. His dad excitingly told he and his sister that blood sacrifices were made for Mina to ensure her fruitful harvest. Also he and his sister were told by their dad that he has discovered that the legend of the Ring of Eternity was well known. But there is also the mention of an Elixir of Life: "The Elixir brings Life", "The Ring brings Eternity". Also his dad mentioned that there was a curse on it called: "The Guardian's Curse". Since the ancient people always threatened horrible death and torture to those who disturbed their tombs. Then his dad remembered that he forgot his extra set of photos at the Museum. So he and his sister went over to the museum to pick them up.

He and his sister go to the museum and find the pictures, and are about to leave. Then he is still mad about their vacation being cancelled. So he has a tantrum and he kicks the sarcophagus. Then he and his sister stumble upon a small discovery: A small side panel inside the sarcophagus could slide off. Inside The panel he and his sister find two small artifacts: a small vial and a ring. His sister recognizes the symbol on the ring to be an Ankh, which means the symbol of life. He and her sister figured out that the items were the Elixir of Life and the Ring of Eternity. So he and his sister hurry home to show them to their dad. Suddenly he accidentally drops the vial near the mummy's hand. Then some of the liquid spilled out onto the mummies fingers. When they leave the room, he and his sister do not realize that Mina's mummified remains began to move. This indicates that the mummy has been reanimated and partly alive again.

On the way out, they remember that they forgot the pictures. So they go back to the office to get them. When they get back they were scared to discover that the mummy was gone. When he and his sister get back home, they look around and see that their house has been robbed and ransacked. He and his sister were worried, since their dad was still home. So they run to his office to see if he's okay. Instead they find a note. The note explains that something came up at the last minute. So their dad had to head over to the museum. He figures that the robbery must have happened after he left. Then they hear a thump and they suspect that someone or something is in their house. Then he and his sister can hear someone or something banging fiercely on the door. He says they need to help their dad and they escape their house by going out the office window.

When he and his sister return to the museum, they call for their dad but he doesn't answer. He thinks their dad has vanished from The Guardian's Curse. His sister thinks it's made up, but he tells her that it's just as real as the Ring and the Elixir. Also now The Mummy is gone, she has come back to life and could by after them. Suddenly he and his sister could hear whispering and mumbling. They are terrified to see the Mummy's hand coming through the door reaching for them and calling for them. So he and sister run off terrified. He and his sister run to the front door. Then they see the shadow of someone approaching. So they run off to the basement to hide.

They arrive in the basement. Then they slowly walking around to find the fire exit. He mentions that the basement has a very strange smell. They make it to the fire exit door, only to discover that the door has been locked. He and his sister turn around and once again hear the footsteps of someone approaching them. Then he knocks over some of the wooden crates to slow it down and they run. Then his sister can see a hand fall down from above her and she screams. He realizes it's their dad who has been knocked out cold.

They're are about to leave. Then they're confronted by the person who has been following them. The person turns out just to be Dr. Capel-Smith. At first he and his sister were relieved to see him. So he warns him the mummy is on the loose. However Dr. Capel-Smith laughs and doesn't believe him. It turned out that Dr. Capel-Smith has betrayed them and has ulterior motives. Then Dr. Capel-Smith tells his dad that he and his sister has something that he wants. Is is the Ring of Eternity. Which he has been after for sometime. He claims that he and his sister are smarter than him and they're the ones who found it. Also that he was the one who knocked him out cold. Because Dr. Capel-Smith knew that his dad wanted to do the right thing and return the items to the rightful place. Dr. Capel-Smith informs he and his family that he intends to use that ring for himself and become immortal. Also Dr. Capel-Smith informs he and his family that he has dosed many of the crates with kerosene. So if they don't hand the ring over, he would light the torch he's holding and then drop it. Then the museum would burn to the ground with them all inside.

Then his sister persuades him to do the right thing. So he reluctantly gives Dr. Capel-Smith the ring, However Dr. Capel-Smith doesn't want him and his family to leave. Dr. Capel-Smith informs them that he plans to light the torch and burn the place down with them inside. Since he cannot have the authorities after him for all of eternity. Then his sister asks Dr. Capel-Smith to show them if the ring at least works. So he watches him put the ring on his finger and at first he begun to glow in a pleasant blue aura. Then he and his family all shielded their eyes as Dr. Capel-Smith began to glow in a green aura, while no longer being able to move. Then Dr. Capel-Smith instantly turns into a solid rock Egyptian statue.

It was without a doubt true that the ring brings Eternity and the Elixir brings life. Dr. Capel-Smith didn't know that they also had the elixir. Turns out there was a curse because he only used the ring. So he was granted eternity in the form of a stone statue. If he had poured some of the Elixir onto his finger before putting the ring on, then it would have worked properly.

Suddenly he and his family could hear the breathing and sounds coming from the reanimated mummy. He and sister now tell their dad that they forgot to mention that the mummy was missing. He and his family were terrified and backed away. Then he could see that the mummy was just reaching out for them, and not actually coming forward. So he approached the mummy and slowly placed the ring onto her rotting finger. The mummy glowed in a pleasant blue aura. Then she regenerated and revived coming back to life as a beautiful Egyptian queen.

He and his family slowly approached her and his dad returned the elixir to her. His dad and Mina seem to immediately be attracted to each other. While he and his sister both wondered if she would like to join them skiing.

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