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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Joyce Crawley is a character created by Kiki. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Vacant Lot".


Joyce and her older sister Catherine are close. Her older sister is an athlete, and she is very supportive to her. She on the other hand doesn't seem to be interested in sports. Instead she is more focused on her studies, trying to get exemplary marks.

During the events of the story, she encouraged her sister not to feel bad about getting the forth position out five on the track team and to keep on trying. She also noticed that the popular and cutest boy in school Eric was now interested in her sister and she was happy for her. Since she was having difficulty with remembering how many different countries in Russia there was, her sister suggested using mnemonic devices to help her remember the names of the countries.

Soon her sister became impatient, and rude and nasty to her. She also noticed that lately her sister had gotten lots of expensive beautiful clothing, and beauty makeovers. So she was envious about this. Soon her sister had gotten free concert tickets. They were to see a popular band that everyone loved called: The Blasters. The tickets for it were rare and sold out. Still somehow her sister got the last two tickets. Also her sister was going to the concert with Eric. She was happy for her, but Catherine was still rude and nasty and impatient to her. Then when her sister needed something new to wear for the concert, she quietly followed her.

She followed her sister over to a vacant lot and found our her secret: A mysterious shopkeeper named: Marie. She discovered that Marie gave all these things to her sister for free. Then she happily found out that she could have all of the free she wanted as well. So she decided to take full advantage of this. So she helped herself to a lot of really nice expensive clothing. She also got a beauty makeover and her hair done. She also became rude, nasty and unpleasant to her sister. Her sister tried to warn her that something didn't feel right about taking free stuff from Marie. But she ignored her, she believed that her sister was just being selfish and only wanted Marie for herself.

Soon both she and sister found out that everything comes with a price. What she and her sister traded to Marie for all their free stuff, was their love. So now she and her sister were both cursed by their own greed. So now she and her sister were all covered with big painful lesions, sores and blisters, while Maria once used to looked this way, was now beautiful again.

Then her sister made a deal with Marie: She would give Marie her valuable ring, that their grandfather gave to her, if Marie would spare Joyce. This turned out to be a selfless act of love. Since the curse returned back to Marie with a vengeance. Then after Maria was blown away and vanished, she and her sister were fully healed and back to normal. Her sister explained to her that Marie was just too selfless, but she only wants what counts. Then she gave ring to her as another sign of love.

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