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Judge Day is a character created by Quinn. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Wisdom Glass".


Judge Day is The Judge of The Court of Wisdom, a court that exists in the cyberworld of the computer game "Wisdom Game, The Ultimate Journey of Knowledge". His appearance was concealed by a mask and a powered wig.

He was very committed to following the rules of wisdom (such as honesty, integrity, responsibility). Often he would go through with making decisions, by consulting a magical sphere named the "The Wisdom Glass", which he considered a higher power and whose judgement always had to be rightfully carried out.

When his court sensed that two boys from the real world Jimmy Miller and Allan Price stole copy of the computer game. He was chosen to be the judge, when they were lured and teleported to the cyberworld to stand on trial for stealing Wisdom.

When Jimmy Miller stated that he stole the computer game, he was considering many different sentences to give to Jimmy. Sentences such as:

  1. Make him pay for the Computer Game.
  2. Write a 10,000 word essay about the evils of stealing.
  3. To just simply be let go, with a warning.

He consulted the Wisdom Glass for the answer, and it chose for Jimmy to be executed. He announced to Jimmy that for stealing the computer game, The Wisdom Glass has decided his punishment was to be execution by guillotine.

Allan, ran back in just before the sentence was carried out. He rightfully confessed to him, that he was the one who stole the computer game, but it stole it by accident.

He was very proud of Allan for having the bravery and courage to to tell the truth and take responsibility for his actions. He applauded him for finally learning what wisdom was all about.

Although he was proud of him, he then chose for Allan to be executed instead because..

  1. The judgement of the Wisdom Glass needed to be carried out.
  2. For not confessing in the first place.
  3. For letting his friend take the rap for him when he was the innocent one.

Jimmy then grabbed the Wisdom Glass and threatened to smashed it, if they both were released and free to go. He was horrified over the idea of it being smashed and reluctantly let them both go.( Soon it was dropped and smashed by accident by The Court Jester)

Later , just as the two boys thought they had gotten away with it, they got a big surprise. In Allan's limousine, the Limo driver Trevor was wearing his mask. It seemed he was either possessing Trevor, or leads a double life as Trevor.

He told them that the Judgement of The Wisdom Glass needed to be carried out. Then he forced the doors jammed shut, and drove them back to the cyberworld to have their sentences carried out.


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