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This a good character as well as a ghost!

"Oh Dede's my nickname, my real name is Judy"

Judy Larsen is a character created by Kristen. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Prom Queen".


On May 7, 1956 prom night, she waited for her boyfriend Ricky Mitchell to pick her up. For unknown reasons she was waiting for him to pick her up near the gates to the Cemetery on Weaver street. What she didn't know was that He never got the message, and she had waited the longest time, thinking he wasn't going to come. The night was very foggy and hard to see car comings, a car came speeding around the corner, bounced over a curb and didn't see her. The driver accidentally killed her and left the scene as a hit and run. She was buried in her prom dress, and every year after that her ghost would return around Prom time hanging around the cemetery. On prom night it was said that she would still be waiting by the gates for her boyfriend to come pick her up.

In the early 1990’s, she returned again for the year around prom time, and she met two young guys around her age named Jam and Greg. She introduces herself as DeDe, The two guys she met, believed very much in ghosts and we're very interested and obsessed with the story of the prom queen. They invited her, to stay up late with them in the cemetery on prom night to see if the ghost really exists. She goes with them to the library and reads with them through a microfilm reader. She finds out what really happened that night. She learns that the reason why her boyfriend Ricky never came to pick her up was because he never got the message and when he found out what happened he was so upset he accidentally drove his car off the bridge and drowned in the river and died. She is shocked to learn that he died to.

Later that night she along with Jam & Greg, sit in a boat on the river where Ricky Mitchell drowned his car in and do a Séance to contact his ghost. She tells him that on the night of the prom he was supposed to pick her up by the gates at the cemetery on weaver street and that she is still there waiting for him. Suddenly the sound of a car starting up and running under water can be heard so it works.

On prom night, She, Jam & Greg go to the graveyard and hide near her grave to see what will happen. Suddenly, what appears to be a ghost is walking around. However it turns out just to be Jam's cousin Chuck dressed as ghost to play a joke on them. Jam disappoints her when he tells them all that there are no real ghosts and he's not a believer.

Then suddenly a car comes pulling up and it's a handsome young man with an old fashioned 1950's greaser haircut. She’s thrilled to see him and then let's down her hair instantly changes into her beautiful blue prom dress. She tells the two guys that she knew they would be the ones how could help her from the moment she saw them. Because she couldn't leave the cemetery unless someone took her with them, and they solved the mystery of why Ricky never came and picked her up and got him to come and she used the séance to contact him.

Saying that her ride is finally here, she then gets into Ricky's ghost car with him. Greg, Jam and Chuck are just staring at her in complete shock, Greg confused tells her Dede? she reveals Dede is her nickname her real name Judy. She says goodbye to them and thanks them for all their help and says she'll never forget them. Then she and Ricky drive off into the night, go right through the gate bars and disappear into the night.



  • Katie Griffin soon begun her long career as a successful voice actress. One of her most memorable roles, was the voice of Raye/Sailor Mars in DiC Entertainment's dub of Sailor Moon.
  • Katie Griffin would also star in the Total Drama series with Daniel Petronijevic, Daniel DeSanto, Rachel Wilson, and Sarah Gadon.

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