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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Julie is a character created by Megan. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Lunar Locusts".


Julie a fairly popular person. Before the events of the story began, she started dating her boyfriend Jake. Jake was the handsome school quarterback, but really not so intelligent. Still she loved him and she wanted them to go steady. She was jealous because so many of their friends had gone steady, but they still had not. One night she and Jake were gazing at stars on the football field. When She mentioned that the other day, one of their friends had given his girlfriend his ring. Now she wanted him to do the same thing for her. She then remarked about how beautiful his ring was, and how it gleamed in the moonlight.

Jake reflected his ring in the sky and it lit up making a sound. Then suddenly a small object came speeding through the sky. She thought that it was a shooting star. She told him that he should know what she wanted to wish for. He pretended not to hear what she said to change the subject of commitment. This frustrated her and she went home.

The next day in the school cafeteria, she became insanely jealous and mad. A new beautiful girl named: Ellen was talking to her boyfriend and he seemed smitten and intrigued by her. When Ellen asked Jake if he was available to show her around her the school, she came by and told her that he was not. Then she coldly asked Ellen to leave and so she did. She was mad that he seemed to be so awestruck by her.

Over in the football field something peculiar seemed to be happening. She spied on Ellen who seemed to be measuring and digging in a small section of the grass. Also she noticed that Ellen appeared to be scanning it with some sort of detection device. This freaked her out. So she headed back to warn Jake. She told Jake, that Ellen was strange and that she observed her for an hour, monitoring and digging the grass. Jake just laughed it off. Then she asked him if they could hang out and talk after school. Jake happily agreed. Until remembering he had already made plans with Ellen. So he lied to her, saying that he had too much homework. She was stunned because he never seemed to do homework.

Still frustrated and jealous, she followed Ellen into the science class. Then she heard a noise in the greenhouse and looked around. Here she noticed weird things like there was a type of gas being sprayed, snakes and dead animals specimens around, which frightened her. So she ran off. Then just as she ran off, Ellen was shown to be peacefully sleeping on a shelf. Then she enviously watched, Jake and Ellen leave school in his jeep. Then she told her friends that she checked the registration. Apparently there was no record of any new transfers. Also that Ellen wasn't even a student in their school.

Julie soon found Jake and Ellen hanging out together in the woods. Therefore she spied on them. She overheard Ellen inform Jake that she was from another planet, and that she was really a parasitic alien in disguise. She heard Ellen explain that there was another breed of parasitic aliens that travel from planet to planet. They destroyed and eat everything in its path. They are almost like locusts. Ellen then explained that her planet, was recently invaded and destroyed by them. Therefore, she and her partner being the only survivors traveled to earth to stop them. They planned to try and defeat them. Therefore the earth wouldn't be destroyed next. Possibly she and her partner would even find a new home on earth.

Jake agreed to help Ellen, but wanted to know why Ellen asked him. Ellen shows him her necklace, which had a similar gem core on it. When placed next to Jake's ring it emitted off a bright light. Ellen explained that his ring was her partners. Since Jake found it on the beach, that must have meant that her partner's spaceship crashed over the ocean, when arriving to earth. Ellen said that they needed to use the both of them to destroy the locusts.

After hearing more than enough, she approached them. Ellen glared her glowing green eyes at her. She stated that she was a monster. So she ran off to report her to the police. That evening, she tipped off the police that Jake and Ellen were going to break into the school. When they got there she pointed them out to the officers and asked them to arrest them. She saw Jake run off, now she felt possibly that Ellen could take all the rap. So she waited for Jake inside his jeep.

Jake returned to his jeep, and to his surprise she was in the back. He explained to her that it was very important to help Ellen fulfill her mission. He also told her that he loved her. Also that she was the only one for him. He promised her that he meant it, and they shared a kiss. Now she agreed to help them. So she began playing the Jeeps stereo full blast to distract the cops.

A little later Ellen had set up the light projectors. Since it was a full moon that night, the moonlight would amplify light to the projectors. Which would send powerful beams of green light into the ground. Which would hopefully destroy the hundreds of lunar locusts eggs that a Mother Alien had planted in the ground.

In order for the light projectors to work, Jake and Ellen both had to toss their devices into the projectors as the moon was full. Jake managed to toss in one, but he missed the other one. Ellen could not do it. Since she was grabbed by one of the cops.

She just happened to be walking by when Jake tossed the device to her. Then he quickly told her to throw it into the projector and to cover her eyes. So she did as the two of them put on sunglasses. Then a large circular area was engulfed in a blinding green light. Ellen seemed delighted. Jake was happy as well and rejoiced. She however was puzzled. So she asked him what they just did.

Jake said that they successfully destroyed the flesh eating alien lunar locust eggs. He gave her the newspaper to show her. She was baffled saying that the article wasn't about flesh eating aliens. The article was about a bacteria in Brazil that was stopped with antibiotics. Jake was confused stating that the Mother Alien laid her eggs in the field and they zapped them. Becoming more confused she asked him: what Mother Alien?

So Jake asked Ellen if they had destroyed them. Ellen took off her sunglasses and smirked at her boyfriend, giving him a: "Ha Ha, Gotcha!" look. Looking down below, they could hear the eggs hatching. It turned out, that Ellen deceived and conned her boyfriend, by taking advantage of his poor intellect . Ellen WAS the Mother Alien! Instead of destroying the eggs, she and Jake unwittingly helped Ellen hatch them! Then from a distance it can be seen that hundreds of eggs began to hatch. Then in no time at all, the earth would be invaded and eradicated by these invasive species!

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