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This good character is a heroine.

Julie is a character created by Quinn. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Reanimator".


Julie is the sister of Peter. She has a crush on her brother's friend Jake. She works after school for Mr. Doyle in his botanical laboratory. She watches and maintains the shop, while he does his research and experiments. One day, she discovered that Mr. Doyle had invented a serum that could revitalize dead plants. When her brother and his friend came to get her, they didn't believe her. They thought she was pulling an April fools' day joke.

Later that evening, when she closed up she heard noises outside. Then two scary looking shrub monsters came inside. She was terrified and screamed for help. Then she heard: "April Fools!". It was Peter and Jake playing a joke on her. Thinking they could get her back for trying to fool them earlier. She was not amused, she still tried to convince them that the serum was real and it really worked. They still didn't believe her, Peter just reminded her that their parents were going out that night. So they were ordering pizza for dinner.

Then just before she left, she was nervously caught by Mr. Doyle. It turns out he wasn't mad at all. As a matter of fact, he was pleased to see that she was interested in his experiments. So he let her in his newest experiment. He told her that he has invented a serum: one that can regenerate DNA. He proved it to her by reviving a dead and withered plant back to life instantly. He told her that the serum has a flaw: the being goes wild and becomes dependent on the serum. So without it, it will eventually die. Also the serum can easily be washed off with water. Then she noticed that nearby, Mr. Doyle has set up a shrine. One in memory to his late wife, who died the previous year. So now she was worried that he must be planning to reanimate his wife!

She phoned home and begged her brother to meet her in the cemetery. When she left, she took a vial of the serum to prove it to them. So she caught up with Peter and Jake. She showed them the vial and persuaded them to follow her. She lead them right to cemetery. Coincidentally Mr. Doyle was there too. She pointed Mr. Doyle out to her brother and Jake, trying to convince them that Mr. Doyle is planning on reanimating his wife.

Still they didn't believe her, they thought she had gotten Mr. Doyle to play along with her. So now Peter was fed up with her trying to fool them. So he took the serum from her and went to a random grave. He picked the grave of a murderer named Ian Kazex. Peter picked him thinking since he was so bad, it would be incredible to see him rise again. Nothing seemed to happened at first, but after she and the boys left, the serum reanimated Ian Kazex!

When she and the boys got home, she was very tense and nervous. She kept pacing back and forth, hoping it only worked on plants and not humans! She heard a sound at the door, and when she answered it was Ian Kazex and he looked vicious as he screamed grabbing for anything in his path. She slammed the door and called her brother for help. Peter and Jake just thought it was the pizza guy. So Peter opened the door, much to her chagrin and called out. Then Ian Kazex returned and begun to chase them all.

Then she suggested going over to Mr. Doyle's house and ask him how to stop the zombie. On the way, she saw a puddle of water, now she remembered that Mr. Doyle used water to wash the serum of the plant he reanimated earlier. So with help from Peter, she taunted the zombie into a puddle and sprayed it with water. But it didn't seem to work, she was puzzled trying to figure out what went wrong. Then inside the laboratory Jake found the hot box room where all the dead and withered plants are kept. Then she realized it isn't cold that destroys the serum it is heat. So with more help from Peter they taunted Ian Kazex and lead it into the hot box room. There she destroyed the zombie by letting it wither, dry out and choke back to death. Mr. Doyle just happened to come inside as this happened. So he was shocked, and realized that it's wrong to play god and tamper with fate. Therefore he cancelled all of his resurrection experiments.


  • Emma Taylor-Isherwood also portrayed Shelley.

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