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This good character is a heroine.

Julie Dufaux is a character created by Kristen. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of Locker 22".


Julie is from Paris, France. She transferred to Derby High School in the United States of America. She moved here, because her father got a job transfer. She enrolled as a student at Derby High School and crossed paths and made a bad first impression with the assistant principal. She objected to her locker being so far away from her classes. The assistant principal Mr. Shaffner was a short-tempered and impatient educator who didn't like hearing her complain. Especially since she just came to the school and he warned her not to cause him grief.

Things took a turns for the worse. Since her classes were hard. In her science class she was being instructed on how to use a pipette. But she sucked the liquid and didn't wait for her teacher to tell her to cover the end with her finger. So she swallowed some and chocked. This made some of her peers laugh at her. She immediately became the target of two bullies named Donny and Fritz. At lunchtime they teased her about how she messed up in science class. Then they tried to jokily spit milk at her. She ducked down and unintentionally caused them to have a food fight. Mr. Shaffner was really mad and blamed her for it happening.

Thankfully she also made a new friend with a nice young man named Chris. He showed around the school and helped her find her other classes.

Then she started seeing a hippie girl appear out of nowhere, and then suddenly disappear. She was certain she was seeing a ghost. Since she trusted Chris, she told him that she was seeing a ghost.

She soon regretted this, because her peers started prank calling her at night. Also Donny and Fritz tried to tease her again. This time with Fritz dressing up as a ghost. She told them over again to leave her alone.

Now she was mad at Chris, and she snapped at him thinking he told everyone. So now everyone thinks she is crazy. He apologizes claiming he just told one person, not thinking they would tell anyone. But she didn't believe him.

Then suddenly she bumped into the hippie ghost again. The ghost convinced her to put on her beaded necklace. So she did. Then suddenly she entered the past. She was hinted that it was the past. Since the school was cleaner and there was hippy and peace posters and decorations around the school. Also the way people were dressed.

She bumped into another hippy girl who addressed Julie as Candy and complemented her on her beads. Then a much younger looking Mr. Shaffner was pressuring her to do an assignment right away. Then when she took off the necklace, she was returned to present time.

Then she forgave Chris, and let him in on the secret. So she put on the necklace again, and with him being close by she took them to the past. They encountered the same other hippie girl. She invited her and Chris over the upcoming night, to listen to her new copy of the Beatles' white album. This was a hint to how far back in time she was.

Then she bumped into the younger Mr. Shaffner again. He told her (thinking she was someone else) that her chemistry project was due that due day. Or else she would get an F and have to go to summer school.

So figuring out what the year the Beatles' White Album came out, she and Chris looked through locker records to see who had her locker back in 1968. They found out it belong to a girl named Candy Warren. So she and Chris looked through a 1968 yearbook and found her death memorial page.

So now she realized Candy Warren wanted her to help her fix something in the past. So she traveled to the past again and tried to do the chemistry project. She may have realized the project had something to do with her death, and that if she did it carefully. Candy wouldn't die this time. But she had a lot of trouble lighting the Bunsen Burner.

Then just as she was about to light it with a lit candle, Chris showed up and put the candle out. She and Mr. Shaffner were mad at first for him interfering. Then Chris pointed out that the gas hose is rotted right through. So if she light the gas, the whole place could have blown up.

Hearing this, the real Candy Warren and Mr. Shaffner tells her that if he hadn't seen that, Candy would have been toast!

Then back in the present, she and Chris realize that they saved Candy Warren's life. So time was altered and now Miss Warren was the assistant principal instead of Mr. Shaffner. Then Miss Warren takes Donny and Fritz to her office to discipline them, and warmly welcomes Julie to the school.

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