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This good character is a heroine.

Julie Hart is a character created by Megan. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Stone Maiden".


Julie is a nice, sensitive and caring person. She is an artist photographer. She enjoys taking expressive photographs. She is friends with Sandra and her boyfriend Donald. For the past three months she had been dating Kevin Tyler.

One afternoon, she and her boyfriend had some time alone together in the park. Therefore she decided to take some expressive and silly pictures of her Kevin (as this was being done, someone lurking in the bushes seemed to be spying on them). Then she asked him if she was finally going to meet his parents that night tonight. Kevin had been putting this off for some time now. So once again he attempted to talk his way out of it. She became annoyed, because they had been dating for three months. Therefore she felt that the time had now arrived. Tyler informed her that his parents ware stern and serious. Therefore they found artistic people to be different and strange. She became offended from hearing this. She now sensed that Kevin believed that she just wasn't good enough for him. So now she was tired of feeling this way. Both of them became frustrated with each other. Therefore both she and Kevin decided that they needed some time apart and they broke up. Kevin became so upset, that he ran off deep into the woodlands of the park.

Back at the park, she met up with Sandra. Sandra was shocked to hear that she and Kevin had just broken up. Sandra told her that she and Kevin were made for each other. She replied back saying that she thought so as well. But Kevin doesn't seem to think so.

That night, She still hadn't heard from Kevin. Being concerned she phoned his parents (introducing herself as just a friend). She told his dad that Kevin left the park before she did. So she wanted to know if he was home yet. His father informed her that he still wasn't home yet. Also that now it was way past his curfew. So he would have to call her the next day. Unbeknownst to her, Kevin had been missing for a very long time now. So now both Dr. John Tyler and his wife Diane Tyler were now very concerned upon the whereabouts of their son.

That evening, she developed her pictures. Then she noticed that in one picture, a creepy stalker was watching them from the bushes. This creeped and freaked her out. The next morning before school, Donald and Sandra meet up with her. They informed her that neither of them have heard a peep from Kevin. It was almost as if he had just vanished. Then she was approached by Kevin's worried parents. They demanded to know where he was. Mrs. Tyler was furious stating he hadn't been the same since he met her. So she hoped that she had nothing to do with his disappearance. Then as they left, she told them that she wanted to find him as much as they did. Hearing this, they both looked at her upset and concerned and then left.

After school, she went back to the park to search for him. Then suddenly, she was startled after hearing a sound in the woods. She nervously watched as something rustled through them. Then the stalker popped out they both startled each other and ran off. The stalker began chasing her into the woods. As she fearfully ran from him. The stalker then jumped in front of her. All he wanted to do was to just speak with her. He promised her that he would not hurt her. Also that he knew where Kevin was. So she nervously followed him into the bushes. Then they came to a halt to be shown a stone statue version of Kevin. The statue was of Kevin painfully clutching his stomach.

She just stared at it in disbelief. Instead she just thought of it all to be a joke. So she asked him who he is. The Stalker identified himself as The Protector: A man who tidies and recycles the woods in his spare time. She still wasn't convinced that the statue was her boyfriend. But The protector tried to convince her it was him, and that he saw what happened to him. Then he showed her the girl statue. Now he explained that Kevin drank the water from the fountain and looked severely sick. He then tried to help Kevin, but he pushed him away. Now she recognized The Protector as the stalker from her photograph. So now she thought that he was a crazy mad man playing some sick joke. He tried to convince her the statue did it. Also that he had no reason to lie. Then she checked the name plate. It was described as: "The Stone Maiden Statue". It also said that it was sculpted by the artist: Vivian White.

The she and The Protector visited Vivian White in her art studio. She introduced themselves and The Protector revealed his name to be Henry. She then told her that they came to speak to her about the Stone Maiden statue from the park. Since Henry claimed that it turned her boyfriend to stone. They were about to leave, when they just assumed that she wouldn't believe them. However Vivian told them that turning people to stone was exactly what it did.

Vivian explained, that she sculpted The Stone Maiden statue years ago. Vivian made it when she had trouble finding true love. So Vivian put her life and love into her artwork. Vivian explained that the statue was based on a story from ancient Greece. The story was about: Two young lovers, who were being torn apart because their families didn't approve of their relationship. The girl found a magic potion that could turn them both into stone. Therefore, they decided that since their love was so strong, they decided to spend eternity together as statues. Instead of spending the rest of their lives apart.

Vivian then showed them a sketch of the statue. One that revealed that statue was supposed to have a mate. Now she was puzzled asking her why she didn't also sculpt the Maiden's lover. Vivian was confused stating that she did. Now Vivian was wondering if they're talking about the same statue. She and Henry confirmed to her that the Maiden was alone with no boy statue.

It turned out that recently, the city sold half of the statue to another park to balance their budget. Also that this was done without Vivian's consent and approval. Vivian was furious so she tried to calm her down, by telling her the water fountain in the statue still worked. Vivian was stunned, claiming that the statue didn't have a water fountain. Henry backed up her up, saying that it was hard to believe but it was true. The statue really did have water pouring out from it. Since Kevin drank it, which turned him into stone. Vivian stated that it happened in the story, but the legend wasn't true.

Henry then came up with a theory that, the statue didn't like to be alone. Since her lover was gone, she has chose Kevin to replace him. Then Henry predicted that if they returned the boy statue, The girl statue wouldn't be lonely anymore. Then it would turn Kevin back to normal.

She, Henry and Vivian rushed down to the park's head office. The Maintenance Man Bob was just about to send the boy statue it away in a truck. Then Henry stole his truck and drove it back to the clearing. She followed the truck on a bike.

Just as Henry prepared to put the statue back into place. Tyler's parents showed up. They demanded to know what was going on and where their son was. She explained to them that they believed that happened to Kevin. After he drank some water from the statues fountain. Hearing this, it horrified them into thinking that he was poisoned. Then Henry clicked the statue back into place. Instantly the fountain stopped. So they all just assumed that the spell was now broken.

Then they all ran over to where Kevin was. However, he was still a statue. She panicked complaining that it didn't work. So it must have been a legend after all. Therefore, straight from her heart she confessed her love to him. She apologized, saying that she was wrong. She said that she didn't care what his parents thought of her, or of them being together. She stated that they may be different, but they belong together. Then she told she him she loved him. Finally she kisses him on the cheek, and pleaded for him to come back to her.

Then from true love's kiss, the statue of Kevin Tyler instantly transformed back to normal. Kevin's parents were so shocked that his mother fainted. She was thrilled stating that he was back. Kevin stated that they were back together now and they hugged.

Afterwards, She and Kevin were now happily together. She won his parents approval and respect. Vivian claimed that they would never really know what made all it happen. She claimed that it was because if two people are really made for each other, then nothing should ever keep them apart. Finally Kevin asked her when he would meet her parents. All she said was: Not yet.


  • Terra Vnesa was also in the Goosebumps episode "Werewolf Skin as Hannah". In that episode, she was with a boy who is a photographer while in this episode, she is the photographer.

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