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This good character is a hero.

Justin is a character created by Gary. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of a Door Unlocked".


Justin is the older brother of Michael and Maryjo. He used to be too nervous to speak to girls, because he was afraid to be turned down. A school dance was coming up and both he and his friend Ben were looking for dates. Then just as they passed by Sardo's Magic Mansion, he saw Ben meet with a girl. So he went inside to give him some space. Looking through the window, he saw Ben confidently speaking to the girl.

Then he said out loud that he wished he had the confidence that Ben had. Sardo, overheard him, and offered him a toy door. Sardo (trying to con him) told him that it was a one of a kind: A doorway into the future. You just tell it what you want to see, and it would show you it.

Sardo, told him that he could find out ahead of time, if a girl he asked out would say yes or no. So he tried it out to for himself. Then he asked the door to show him a girl who would go to the school dance with him. The door started shaking. So he slid over the window on it. Then in a puff of smoke it showed him a beautiful girl in a Letterman's jacket. He was astonished and happily agreed to buy it. For the low price $10.00. Sardo desperate to make a sale agreed to the price.

The next day at school, he let Ben in on the secret of magical toy door. But when he opened the window, it didn't show them anything. Ben thought he was acting crazy and walked away. Afterwards, the door began shaking again. When he opened the window again, he could see that same brunette girl again. This time she was calling out for a boy named: Brad.

Then later that night when doing homework, the toy door began to shake again. He now saw in a puff of smoke, the brunette girl once again walking around. She called out again for a boy named: Brad. When she turned around, she suddenly screamed bloody murder. The placed engulfed in flames and burning support beams fell around her. After seeing this, he was shocked. He realized that he was seeing visions from the future. So now he had to find this girl and warn her.

The next day on his way to school, he passed by Sardo's shop. He was mad to see another identical toy door on display in the window, (realizing Sardo attempted to con him). Then he asked Sardo about what he had been seeing. Sardo was at first shocked to hear that it actually worked. He attempted to show Sardo, but then he realized that the door only worked for him, when he was alone. Then when he left, the second toy door in the display window had smoke coming out of it.

In class, He tried to tell Ben how serious he was about it showing him visions from the future. He explained to him about the girl he saw. and how he can't even help her if he didn't know who she is. Then his teacher Mr. Birney announced that a new girl just transferred to the school. The girl was named: Ashley Ruler. She just happened to be the same girl he had been seeing in the visions. He was both lovestruck and shocked to see her. During class change, he met her by the lockers. Then he asked her if she had ever been in burning building, and if her father was a firefighter. Feeling confused she said no both times. Then he found out that his younger brother immediately made friends with her brother Brad.

Then during lunchtime, he and Ben are sat together. He just stared lovestruck over at Ashley, who was sitting down at the other end of the table. Ashley seemed to like him too. So she kept on smiling and staring back at him. Ben told him that if he liked her so much, then to just ask her to go to the dance with him. He felt it was more important that he warn her about the fire. Ben thought that if he told her that, she would just think he was nuts. He then told Ben that he hoped that she had smoke alarms in her house. Ashley who happened to be passing by, heard this. So she asked him what his obsession with fire was. 

Then from down the table, he could see another girl offered her a brownie. It was complete with lit candles as a welcome to their school treat. But when he saw the burning candles, he ran down the lunch table. Then he threw a pitcher of water at her. Ashley got soaked and screamed, asking him if he was crazy. He tried to explain to her that he thought she was in danger. The other girl then lent Ashley her Letterman jacket to wear home for the day. Seeing Ashley put this jacket on, he knew the visions were going to come true soon. He tried to warn her, but she didn't know what he was talking about. Then everyone else laughed, as Ben dragged him away. Ben told them all that he was just tired and needed to catch up on his sleep.

Then a little later, he examined the door more carefully. Then he found a sliding panel near the bottom. It had a key in it that said "IN". Ashley phoned him and they spoke on the phone. She wasn't mad, she just called to ask him to let her brother know it was time to come home for dinner. He told her that he wasn't at his house. Before she hung up he apologized to her about the way he had been acting. He tried to convince her that he was not usually like that. Also if she can possibly try and forget what had happened. She told him that she would think about it. But for now she had to find her brother before dinner burns; and they hang up. Hearing her say "burns" he then panicked. Then he found out from his little sister Maryjo that Michael was at the Alberts' Mansion. The Alberts' Mansion was an old Condemned mansion on a hill, that was literally falling apart. His brother was forbidden to be there, but his brother continuously disobeyed. His brother and his friends club were currently doing an initiation for Brad.

Then he looked through the window on the door again. Now he could see Ashley in the burning mansion looking for her brother. He now realized that it was no longer a vision. It was happening right now! He knew he couldn't run over there in time. So he took his chances and used the "IN" key and unlocked the door. Then through a magical doorway, he was instantly teleported to where Ashley was. She was shocked and confused about how he got there. He quickly pulled her out of the way just in time as a burning support beam fell down. Then he and Ashley slid down an old laundry shoot to the old laundry room. There they found out all the doors were locked. So he and she would eventually suffocate from smoke inhalation. Then he figured out that his door lets people in. So Sardo must have the other door that lets people out.

So he cried out for help hoping Sardo would hear him. In Sardo's shop, Sardo could hear him begging and pleading for help and to open the door. So he instructed him to check the side panel for a key. Sardo found the "OUT" key and unlocked the door. Then another magical doorway appeared to let them out. Then in a huge shaking tremor and bright flash, he and Ashley were safely transported out of the burning building. Then into the safety of the magic shop. Sardo was astonished. Then he offered him a third door (possibly in between) saying now it was three of a kind. Realizing it was more trouble than it was worth, he said no.

Afterwards he could never get the magical toy door to work again. But things worked out for the better. He and Ashley soon fell in love, and they happily went to the school dance together.

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