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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Justin is a character created by Quinn. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Highway 13".


Justin is a mature and responsible person who can always be trusted. Unlike his best friends Craig whom is a reckless and irresponsible person, who often gets himself into trouble. Although, he often caused him grief and problems, they had been best friends since kindergarten. So being friends for such a long time, he was able to put up with it. He has a vast knowledge on vehicles, and he and his Craig are also skilled mechanics. He and his friend are capable of tuning up and repairing vehicles.

One night, he impatiently waited for Craig to return his mom's car at the local pizzeria. When his friend finally arrive, he was annoyed to hear that he was at the Shop-n-Drop talking to a girl named Ronnie. This made him furious. Since he had a crush on this girl, but he was just too shy to even ask her out. Craig then gave him his word that they were just socializing as friends. Not making moves on her. Since he knows how much he liked her. When Craig finally returned the car keys, he noticed the left side mirror on the car broke off. Craig informed him that he got too close to the drive in window and it broke off. This got him all stressed out. Since it was his mom's car and she would be furious. So Craig suggested they go to the junkyard the next day to find him a new mirror. Hearing this, it gave him a sigh of relief.

The next day, Craig pointed out a good potential replacement on a broken 1976 car. However, he said that his mom would notice the different. Since his mom's car was a 1978. The side view mirrors on them are more rounded then they are on a 1976 vehicle. When continuing looking, another person watched them from nearby. He was getting worried. He said that he needed to find a new mirror soon or his mom would be furious with him. Craig began to tease him about why he enjoyed driving his mom's old car. He simply answered by saying that it got him from here to there. Craig then told him that he needed to get a cooler vehicle. One that had power and made a statement. Then the other person who was watching them, called out to them. He pointed out an old broken car. The vehicle was a broken down red 1969 Pontiac GTO. The person was nicknamed Bulldog. Bulldog said the owner of the junkyard believed it to broken. However the owner does not realize how good the engine still is. Therefore Bulldog encouraged Craig to buy it and fix it up. Craig felt that it was the right kind of vehicle to make a statement for him. So he went inside to buy it from the owner.

After Craig left, another employee named Tony showed up. Tony said that he heard an engine. So he pointed out the broken down Pontiac, and how his friend was going to buy it. Tony became awestruck, staring at the old vehicle with utter shock. Until he got him back on task. He asked him to help specifically find a 1978 side view mirror. Tony snapped out of it. Then he helped him search the junkyard.

Then he and Craig repaired the vehicle, in Craig's garage. Soon enough, the old Pontiac GTO was repaired like new and beautifully restored. Afterwards Tony stopped by. Tony, delivered him a 1978 mirror. He was thrilled and relieved, because now his mom would not notice. Tony gave it to him for free, and was amazed by the car. He complimented them on the great job they did fixing it. However Craig's mom found Craig's poor report and got grounded. Therefore he and Craig would not be able to take out for a spin just yet.

Then a day or so later, he passed by Craig's house. Craig revealed that he was still grounded. However since Craig's mom was at work, she wouldn't know if he sneaked out for a little ride. He didn't think it was a good idea to drive the Pontiac. Since it wasn't registered yet. Craig taunted and persuaded him to join him for the ride. After Craig said that he would drive over the Shop-n-Drop to impress Ronnie.

Driving down the road, he warned Craig to be cautious driving through the fog. Suddenly the car's radio began to play nothing but old retro surf music. When they arrived at the Shop-n-Drop, they ware both puzzled. The building seemed to have been repainted and restored like new. The other day it was an old and worn out. Inside the restaurant, Bulldog called out to them. He told them that he had a feeling that they would be coming by. Bulldog called out to a Trucker. Bulldog taunted the Trucker telling him that he and Craig were the new drivers. The Trucker, was a big tall and intimidating man. He seemed to be very short-tempered and serious. Craig told The Trucker, that they were the drivers of the muscle car now. The Trucker told them to stay out of his way, and that he would see them on Highway 13. Then he quickly grabbed Craig and they run off, before they could get beaten up.

He and Craig decided just to go home. Then on their way out, The Trucker began to tail them. When on the road, Craig realized he missed a turn and they were now on highway 13. The Trucker began chasing after them in hot pursuit. He and Craig were terrified and panicked. Just by chance they drove into another lane and they cut him off. Then Suddenly much to their annoyance, they found themselves back in the past at the old Shop-N-Drop truck stop.

Inside the building, they were terrified. Then they tried to call the police. But the phone didn't work. Bulldog just smirked saying that the phone wouldn't work. But it was just a little race. All they needed to do was to beat the Trucker to the end of the Bridge on Highway 13. Then they could all go home. They were both shocked to hear this. Then Tony came in furious at Bulldog. Tony told Bulldog that he never should have gotten them involved. Bulldog in a smart Alec tone, said that Tony didn't have the guts. So he found someone whom he thinks does and it's Craig.

Bulldog explained that his pal Tony had the coolest Monster car around, but never had a chance to show it off. Then one day Bulldog got The Trucker mad at them. The next thing they knew, The Trucker was chasing them down Highway 13. They both ended up racing for the bridge at the end of it; side to side. But the bridge was too small. Therefore it was only wide enough for one vehicle to pass through at time. Bulldog kept asking Tony to hit the speed and pass The Trucker, because they could have won the race. Then Tony got too scared to speed ahead of the big dump truck. Then soon both vehicles crashed into the bridge in a huge accident, and they all died. Everyday since 1969, at the exact same time, Tony and Bulldog are forced to race The Trucker again. And the same thing always happens.

He and Craig were shocked to realize that they were all ghosts. Bulldog could see the rebellious potential in his friend. So Bulldog had a feeling that Craig could beat The Trucker. Then they could be free and all go home. Then he tried the phone again, and heard nothing but a horn honking. They they tried to run out the backdoor, but the Truck was there honking at them. Then he and Craig were told, that it would not go away until they raced him. He still wanted to run away. Craig however wanted to win the race and get it over. So Craig drove off in the car.

Afterwards Craig met back with him at the Truck stop. He explained that he lost, but he felt great anyways. He also explained that as he was racing the Trucker, Tony and Bulldog appeared in the backseats to motivate him. Then they spilled the beans that racing the Trucker was actually their idea. So the Trucker was never really at fault. Years ago, Bulldog was the one who taunted and cajoled the Trucker into racing them. So Craig stepped onto the brakes and forfeited the race. Allowing the Trucker to safely cross the bridge at last.

Afterwards, they returned the keys to Tony and he and Bulldog drove off to locations unknown. Suddenly both he and Craig froze in fear as the dump truck approached. The Trucker spoke to them. The Trucker revealed himself to actually be quite friendly. He told them that the last thing he wanted to do was race. Then he thanked them for letting him get home. Then the Trucker's ghost vehicle vanished away to locations unknown.

Afterwards, back in the present he and Craig were still shocked that it was all Bulldog and Tony's fault, not The Trucker's. Craig then revealed to him that he was talking to Ronnie about him and that she thinks that he's cute. He was thrilled to hear this, and wanted to know if she would go out with him, but he wouldn't tell him. Craig told him that he needed to figure that out on his own.


  • Many years earlier, Benjamin Plener also portrayed Jake Joysen.

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