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Karin is a character created by Betty Ann. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor".


Karen was unaware until recently, that she was born as an alien to a race of Blank Faced Aliens. A peaceful race of organic and robotic beings who live in a beautiful paradise. One where they can fly like birds and see beyond the horizons.

When she was a baby, her family visited earth. They rented out the space on the the thirteenth floor of an apartment building. One day, her family left quickly almost like they just disappeared. However, she was mistakenly left behind. Immediately she developed a human appearance from exposure to earth's elements and atmosphere.

Then she was found and adopted by a human family and renamed Karin. She lived her entire life thinking she was an ordinary human, while being completely unaware of true family, heritage and legacy.

She was happy with her adoptive family, still she was curious about her background and roots. She and her adoptive brother Billy were best friends and would often play with each other. When she felt that she wasn't good at something, she would blame it on the genes she inherited from biological family.

This would often irritate and annoy her brother. She and her brother, would often play together on the thirteenth floor of their apartment building. The floor was run down, decrepit, dirty and neglected. The building apartment elevator operator Gus was hesitant and reluctant to letting them play alone on that floor. Since the last tenants (unaware they were Karin's real family) just disappeared one day.

One night Karin woke up in the middle of the night, because the television would come on. It gave her messages from her real parents. The messages told her, they would be coming for her soon. She just thought these were dreams, and didn't believe them.

The next day, she got an invitation in the mail. It was to visit the new toy factory that just opened up in the apartment buildings thirteenth floor.

She thought it would be fun and brought her brother Billy along with her. So she and her brother visited the toy factory on the thirteenth floor the next day. She was greeted by three employees: Olga, Raymond and Leonid. The people she met in the toy factory seemed very odd and weren't too interested in her brother; just her.

She was unaware that her biological family had returned and set up a rescue mission for her. She just thought it was a new toy factory, and they were the lucky test subjects.

First Raymond got She and Billy to test a game. It was one where they had repeat the right sequence they heard, by pressing buttons. She seemed to be better at it than her brother. For the first she realized she was better at something than him. So she moved onto the next activity.

Next Raymond got her to focus on moving a ball with her mind, she was able to do this and unlocked the ability of telekinesis. Then suddenly Raymond told her that since she was starting to get her powers back, that he was going to send her onto their ship. So suddenly the chair she was sitting on started rising up! Then at the opening hatch, she could see a bunch of blank faced aliens eagerly waiting for her. She was terrified thinking that aliens were in the process of kidnapping her. She screamed for dear like. Then she used her newfound powers to escape from being sent up into the spaceship. She also was able to pause Raymond in place with a remote control, realizing he was also robotic. Then she saw his face fall off and realized that he was a blank faced alien as well.

She ran to the elevator to escape but Leonid stopped her. He tried to politely convince her to join them and come to their paradise planet. For a moment she considered it, and asked if her brother could come as well. Leonid said that Billy didn't belong and would not survive. Then she could see that the sequence game was zapping the life and energy out of Billy. So she said no. Then she woke up her brother and they ran off.

On the way out, Olga and Raymond tried to apprehend her. So she used the remote control to make Raymond hold Olga in place. Then she and her brother returned home. Just as they could hear the spaceship was taking off.

Then suddenly the television came on again. She said it was like her dream. Olga very politely informed her that it wasn't a dream. This was supposed to be her rescue. Since they mistakenly left her behind ten years ago. Now they ran out of their planets atmosphere. So now they will need to wait another ten year to try again. Then Olga breathed in the last of her atmosphere and changed into her true form. Then Olga said goodbye, promising to see her again in ten years.

Then suddenly her brother screamed, for now she had changed into a blank faced alien! It would seem that some of her senses came back. So she pulled off her face to reveal her true form!

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