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This good character is a heroine.

Kate is a character created by Vange. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Virtual Pets".


A classmate of Tom and Isabel, Kate was the only girl in her class that was not knowledgeable in terms of computers. Seemingly a technophobe, when Tom, already replaced by the Digger computer program began distributing hand-held versions of it to start replacing other kids in her class, Kate was the only person who was suspicious of his sickly appearance, disconnected behavior and the sudden appearance of a bulldog tattoo on his neck. Despite the fact the seemingly top-of-the-line toy was free, and Isabel's urging, Kate refused to accept the offer of the Digger.

While shopping with Isabel after school that day, and studying with her that same evening, Kate became incredibly annoyed with the fact that her friend was seemingly addicted to the toy, to the point where she confiscates it and locks it in Isabel's closet.

When she picks up Isabel for school the next day, she notices that Isabel is now acting in a similarly distant manner to Tom, and, much like Tom, has the same sickly appearance, bulldog Tattoo and has not changed her clothing since the day before. When Kate questions this, the Digger version of Isabel angrily shrugs off these questions, before meeting with the other Digger clones at school. There, Kate notes that Tom, Isabel and the other two kids who had gotten Diggers from him the day before all have the same tattoos, sickly appearance and have not changed clothing since their first exposure to the Digger. Kate grows increasingly disturbed by this, particularly when she catches the Digger versions of Tom and Isabel staring at her during class, and, shortly afterwards, the Digger version of Isabel once more offers her a hand-held Digger toy, before inviting herself over to Kate's house to study that evening; Kate says they can do so after volleyball practice, but Isabel abruptly informs Kate she is not going to practice, then leaves without explaining why.

As school ends for the day, she notices Tom and Isabel leaving together and, after informing another teammate that she is skipping practice, tails them to Tom's house, where she hides in a storage area just as the two other kids arrive. She finally learns that the all four kids have been replaced by their Digger toys, and is nearly captured when she stomps on a mouse crawling up her leg. When the clone versions leave, after setting up a procedure to upload the minds of their originals (with Tom instructing Isabel to replace Kate), she works with the human versions to find a way to uninstall the program from Tom's computer or otherwise delay the upload. She fails at this, and is caught in the final moments by Isabel's clone, who returned to the base when she realized that Kate also skipped volleyball practice. Kate manages to avoid being replaced herself and, grabbing a mirror of the wall, deflects the beam into the computer, blowing it up as Tom and the other Digger children arrive. Initially afraid that she had killed her friends, Kate is relieved to see that this actually freed them from the toys, and, while she briefly considers buying herself a computer, she hears the Digger toy that was almost used on her is still functional and, after crushing it with her foot, decides to stick with her pencil and notebook.


  • Nicole Dicker also played Hannah Fairchild in "The Ghost Next Door" episode in the Goosebumps TV series.

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