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Katherine is a character created by Gary. She appeared as a minor character in the episode "The Tale of the Super Specs".


Not very much is known about Katherine. However, she is close friends with a girl named Patty. She also attends the same school as Mark, Marybeth and her immature prankster boyfriend Weeds. She and Patty are fed up with Weeds' childish behavior and his pranks.

During the events of the story, she didn't know that Weeds had been following around with magic. So he cast the spell of second sight. This opened an entry window from the dark universe to enter the real world inside Marybeth's house. Therefore the otherworldly beings from the dark universe, slowly started to enter her world and plan their takeover. Marybeth told her that when she wore the super specs, she would see the masked dark dressed figures randomly appearing. It is unknown whether or not she believed her.

Later on, due to Sardo's inexperienced magical abilities he was unable to close the window. So the Dark Lady from the dark universe sealed off her universe inside darkness within a crystal ball!

It is unknown if anyone was eventually able to counter the spell and free her universe.

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