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Kathy is a character created by Betty Ann. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of Laughing in the Dark".


Kathy and her brother Weegee are friends with an obnoxious bully named Josh. She is fed up with Josh always teasing her and patronizing she and her brother about being scared wimps. She is also tried of watching him frequently brag and boast about how big and brave he is. She, her brother and Josh One night visit the local amusement Playland. Josh wants to go into The Laughing in the Dark Funhouse. But she and her brother are too scared to go in. Since it is said to be haunted and weird things happen inside of it.

The next day when Josh visited, she and her brother told Josh the research the did on the laughing in the dark funhouse. In 1924, a circus came to town and was set up by Playland Amusement Park. One of the clowns, a smoker named Zeebo, stole the circus' payroll of $4,000. When the police chased after him, he ran into the Playland and hid from the police in the Laughing in the Dark spook house.

Zeebo almost got away with it too, but unfortunately, while hiding, he dropped his cigar and accidentally started a fire that burned down the spook house along with him in it. Then a couple years later, a new Laughing in the Dark spook house was built with a Zeebo dummy at the end to scare anyone who walked in it. There was an urban legend that Zeebo still haunted the place.

After hearing this, Josh started teasing her and he chased her around trying to tickle her. He chased her outside to the front lawn. Then she picked up the metal lid from the garbage can. She used it as a shield as Josh quickly ran into her. Josh bonked his head and fell down. Then she proudly told him not to mess with her.

The her brother Weegee dared Josh to go into the funhouse all by himself to the end and back. Josh took up the challenge. She wondered how he would prove that he went to the end. Her brother said he had to bring back the clown nose. When Josh went in to do the challenge. At first she felt sorry for Josh. She thought that they should not have let him go inside alone.

The next we see that Josh won the challenge. So her brother had to wear the clown nose. She snickered at first then apologized. Then she listened to Josh say that her brother had to wear it to school everyday for a week. After Josh left she told her brother that Josh was such a jerk and that they shouldn't associate with him anymore. But her brother still chose to keep him as a friend, much to her chagrin.

Later on after Josh had a frightening and emotional meltdown from the the Circus Carney stalking him to get the clown nose back. He broke down and confessed to her brother how scared of everything he really was. Therefore she may have changed her mind about him in the end.


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