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This good character is a heroine.

Katie is a character created by Tucker. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Midnight Ride".


Katie is a sweet and kind young woman. She is a resident of the town of Sleepy Hollow. She at one time dated a rude and obnoxious jock bully named Brad. However it was revealed that she soon broke up with him. The reasons for the break up are unknown. But it can be guessed that she was fed up his attitude and for being such a mean bully.

Brad was jealous and possessive of her. He thought that they were still dating and he insisted on her being his date to the Hallowe'en dance.  She was continuously stalked and harassed by Brad who would bully and threaten any other guy she seemed to have any interest in or took an interest in her. However her will was strong and she would stand up for herself every time Brad bothered her.

Then just as Hallowe'en was coming to Sleepy Hollow she met a nice new student named Ian Matthews. Ian was nice, sweet, charming and helpful he nicely helped her set up decorations and stood up to Brad for her.

She developed an immediate liking to him (as did he with her) and promised to dance with him at the school's upcoming Hallowe'en dance. She and Ian both arrived wearing very similar costumes. She begun to have a really good time dancing and socializing with him. As did a bunch of her fellow classmates.

This made Brad really jealous. So he begun to bother her again. Then Ian stood up for her again. He was more than willing to fight Brad to defend her. When instead Brad set up an Initiation prank to retrieve the Headless Horseman's pumpkin. Brad humiliated Ian in front of her and many other people. He made Ian think he was the Headless Horseman and that he was going to cut off his head. However Katie didn't agree with Brad's prank, she stood by Ian's side as everyone took Brad's side.

Ian lent her his jacket and kindly walked her home. Along the way, she and Ian met the ghost of Ichabod Crane. Then by mistake she and Ian gave him the correct directions to the bridge of souls. Then after Ian walked her home, she found his keys in the jacket pocket. So she rode her bike back to the school to return them to him.

Then when she got there, she and Ian encountered the ghost of the real Headless Horseman. She figured out that it was now after them because they made a mistake. They accidentally gave Ichabod Crane the correction direction to safety. So the legend was altered, and the horseman was now chasing after her and Ian. She and Ian rode their bikes as fast as they could.

She and Ian finally found the bridge of souls. She saw that the Headless Horseman burst into flames and vanished as it was taunted to cross it to attack Ian. She panicked for a moment thinking Ian got caught in the flames too. Then she was relieved to find out that he jumped off of it just in time.

Then she and Ian met with Ichabod Crane again. Then reluctantly she and Ian convinced him to go the wrong way as the story meant for him to all along.


  • Her character might have been based on the Legend of Sleepy Hollow's character of Katrina Van Tassel.

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