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The Keeper is a character created by Kiki. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Closet Keepers". 


Not very much is known about The Keeper. He is an insane and sadistic mad man, (possibly from an evolved human race from the distant future). He might have possibly traveled through time with his advanced technology to use to his advantage to capture human beings and have them kept on his spaceship as a zoo for various species of aliens to pay to come and look at and make high profits.

Ostensibly, he cared little about his appearance. His oral hygiene was terrible and he was unwashed. His clothes were matted and dirty and appeared as if he'd worn them for a year or more.

Before the events of the episode, he had recently traveled to earth and captured several children from various countries around the world. The way he did this was he had several men working for him (possibly brainwashed) to assist in capturing them. His henchmen would approach the children and with use of a soundwave gun, emit off an earsplitting soundwave rendering the children helpless and in sheer agony, then they would bring the child to the ship.

A child would be informed that escape from the ship was impossible, and if they entered the doorways earsplitting soundwaves would go off and render them in horrible, nearly paralyzing pain (he used his closest henchman to make this point to Stacey). The sound would immediately inform the guards. During feeding time, the Keeper prepared for them a gelatinous maintenance meal resembling green Jell-O. According to Emma the British girl, it was not that bad if you didn't look at it.

The Keeper was also very cruel and heartless as he only wanted specimens to be perfect and not have any disabilities or anything else he deemed unworthy. Soon, he wanted to captured an athletic boy named Billy, his friend Stacey who witnessed him being captured followed them back to the ship.

She made her way to the front of the building and accidentally got herself teleported into a room onto the ship. The Keeper sadistically greeted her and informed her she was going to become part of his intergalactic zoo. When he realized something was different about Stacey that he just didn't like, he found her to not be worthy for his paying customers to come and look at and planned for her to killed as soon as possible.

What the Keeper didn't know was Stacey was Deaf and was immune to the earsplitting soundwaves. Soon with the the use of reflective foil from Billy's chocolate bar wrapper, she was able to pass through the photosensors without setting off the alarm. Stacey gets out and eliminates two of the henchmen with the alarm that she cannot hear. She turns the alarm off and freed all the other captured children. Then she freed Billy, and the rest, and instructed them how to get back home by touching the big screen world map to instantly take them home.

Moments later, the Keeper soon tore down the blocked door, and just before they were able to go back home, he grabbed Billy and begun to torment him. He also attempted to torment Stacey with his stun-gun, realizing she can't hear he insulted her calling mentally deficient. Stacey pretended to finally be able to hear the emitted frequency and filled with insane and sadistic rage, The Keeper decides to torture her. Stacey lead The Keeper to the sound emitter and was just about to activate the alarm.

The Keeper informs her that if she turns on the alarm, she will harm both him and Billy, and he taunts her saying "you wouldn't want to hurt your friend, would you?" Billy before ducking and covering his ears begs Stacey to activate it, and she happily agrees. Stacey and Billy ran back to the elevator room and teleported back, as they left The Keeper down on his knees in total agony, as a victim of his own cruel invention. The Keeper vowed to find Stacey and Billy and bring them back. 

Though he threatened to capture them again, he never returned, and It is implied that he either went insane or has since perished, or someone or something arrested him.


  • An unconfirmed possibility, is that he may also go by the name of Zoo Keeper.
  • Peter Messaline also portrayed Mr. Starkes the Tour Guide. in the Goosebumps episode "A Night in Terror Tower".

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