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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Keith Saunders is a character created by David. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dark Dragon".


Prior to the events of the the story, Keith had been involved in a serious car accident. This very badly injured his leg. Resulting in him having to wear a leg brace and to never be able to walk, without a limp.

He had the most support from his dad and his best friend Mariah (unaware that she really was in love with him). He was full of self doubt, self respect and lacked confidence in himself.

He set his sights on a pretty girl named Shelly Bergman. She recently took a break from her relationship, with her boyfriend Gary Marsh. But he was afraid that she would never like him for being crippled. So he sought out help. He found an advertisement from Sardo's Magic Mansion. It was advertising a potion, that could bring out the best in ones self. Sardo sold him the potion and warned him to be very careful and to only take it one drop at a time.

The potion was actually the Dark Dragon Potion. He took one drop and instantly it healed his leg. With this confidence boost, he dressed himself up as a cool person. He went over to a restaurant called the Charcoal Pit, where many of his peers liked to hang out after school. He introduced himself saying he was Keith Saunders' cousin K.C. and that he was visiting. Shelly and her friends just adored him and thought he was cool very loveable.

After he slept the night, the dose of the potion wore off. So he was back to himself. Or so he thought. He had noticed he was growing scales. The potion scared him. So he tried to throw it away. But he couldn't resist taking it again, when Shelly invited over to hang out.

Then when the potion wore off again, he was growing more scales, and his teeth were becoming sharp. He complained about it to Sardo. Sardo explained that it will bring out the best in him. Only after he beats the dark dragon from within himself. This was a build up from the negative way he felt and the lack of self respect he had for himself.

Then as K.C. he asked out Shelly to the school dance and she accepted, this only made Mariah more jealous as she was beginning to suspect he was K.C.

Soon his side effects took full effect, he almost looked like a dragon type monster. He was in excruciating pain. Mariah broke into his house offering to help him. But he didn't think anyone could. So he pushed her and away and told her to go away. So she did.

The night of the school day he went to school hidden under a hooded sweater. Then Mariah spied on him from nearby. She watched him take the potion and become his handsome alter ego. Then he met up with Shelly and danced the night with her. Until Shelly agreed to dance the next dance with Gary, after he won best athlete in school award.

He was about to leave, when the most beautiful girl asked him to dance. It turns out it was Mariah! She broke into his locker and drank the whole potion. She confessed her love and true feelings for him. Then said she drank the potion in order to give what he really wanted: a beautiful girl.

Suddenly he saw Mariah getting sick and she was transforming fast. He begged her not to go, taking responsibilities for his actions and admitting why he took the potion. Mariah revealed that she loves him the way he is, and that is all that matters. He realized the same too. He then cried tears of sorrow right from his heart. When they dripped onto her. Then they were both changed back to normal.

Since he no longer doubted himself, he realized he found love for they way he is. He realizes now that the potion really did bring out the best in him. So he beat his dark dragon from within. After the principal asked him if they were all right, he happily took Mariah back to the dance.


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