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This is a neutral character.

Kelly is a character created by Sam. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of Watcher's Woods".


Kelly used to be an unkind, rude, dishonest and not a trustworthy person. Her parents enrolled her at Camp Grindlestone. She had been to the camp before and she hated it. She had a lot of friends at home, and she certainly didn't want to be at the camp again. Just as she got to camp she met Sarah. Sarah was a smart and ambitious overachieving trailmaker.

As she was was pulling in her trunk, she and Sarah accidentally bumped into each other. This made her accidentally drop her trunk. Then it broke open and some of the clothes spilled out. She rudely snapped at Sarah for making it happen, and told her not to touch her stuff. Sarah introduced herself to her and told her it was her first time at the camp. Kelly didn't bother introducing herself, and wasn't too excited to hear they were going to be in the same tent together.

Later that evening, she and some of her campers made fun of Sarah's trailmaker's vest. She made some disparaging jokes about the badges on the vest and her friends laughed along with her. Sarah soon came in and asked if they knew where her trailmaker's vest was. She hid it, and lied, saying no. Sarah then noticed an intriguing shrine on the wall.

The shrine was in memory of three young girls who went missing and were never seen again. The plaque had three old pictures of trailmaker girls, along with a golden whistle below each picture. The message on the plaque said: "Never enter Watcher's Woods; ever!". Sarah was curious and asked what Watcher's Woods was. When Sarah asked, everyone suddenly became quiet. So she filled her in. She told Sarah that Watcher's Woods is a place where people just mysteriously disappear and vanish. It is said to have been happening for centuries.

Sarah didn't seem to believe her, so she asked her where the woods was. She told her that it keeps moving around from one forest to another, looking for new victims, and once you realize you are inside; it's too late. Only a hew people have escaped and when they do they go crazy. Also that it is controlled by The Watcher. The Watcher is the evil demon who rules over the woods and picks out it's victims. She is last told that those trailmaker girls from 1919 went on a hike and they were never seen again. The only thing, that searchers ever found of them were their whistles. Sarah didn't believe her and the others.

Kelly then taunted Sarah asking her if she wanted to go for a hike in Watcher's Wood. Then suddenly she saw a rat and ran off scared. Then Sarah teased her about it. Afterwards, Sarah found her trailmakers vest on the chair, realizing that she did lie about taking it.

The next day the counselor paired her and Sarah up to work together. Their goal was to collect as many specimens as they could find, to earn for their nature medals. Since she had been to the camp before, the counselor thought that she could show Sarah around the woods. Sarah was eager to start, but she was rude to her, telling her to stay out of her face.

Later while walking through the woods, Sarah really started to get on her nerves, talking so much about reviewing trailmaker instructions. Then she was about to light a cigarette and smoke. Then Sarah took the cigarettes and lighter away from her. Sarah reminded her that they were warned not to light any fires, to avoid accidents. She got annoyed saying that she was not into the earning medals thing. The she suggested they just sneak back to camp. Sarah objected and wanted to continue saying she liked it and it was why she was here. She complained that she is only here because her parents want her out of the house for two weeks.

She then decided to try and lose Sarah. So she told Sarah that she knew where a pheasant's nest was. Sarah believed her and got excited and followed her. When they got to the spot, she showed her the way in. Then when Sarah went in, she ditched her and took off.

Happy to be alone at last, she then headed down a path to a little neck of woods. However, she could not make heads of tails of where she was going. When she tried to turn back she couldn't leave, because there were bushes in the way now. She got really confused because the path that was there, now seemed to be gone.

Eventually she found herself deep in the dark woods. She walked ahead, and saw a green light coming through some trees. Thinking it might a way out she walked over to it. Then she walked through a short path, and came up to a rotten head impaled on a stick, she backed away in disgust. Then she found a small campground. The campground had a lot of old-fashioned items. She called around several times to see if anyone was there. Then after not getting any answers, and could see that nobody was in the tents, she was about to leave. Then suddenly she stepped into a net trap and got raised into the air. Three old hags approached her. Then the leader welcomed her to Watcher's Woods! This caused her to immediately scream in terror.

The three old hags took her prisoner. Then the Boss Hag, tied her between two trees and painted a yellow X across her jacket. She asked them who they are but she didn't answer her. The Boss Hag says it took them 75 years but they finally found the person they believe took their whistles. Then the Boss Hag lit up a flaming arrow and threatened her with it. The Boss Hag then told her to tell them where their whistles were, or she would shoot. When she didn't answer, the Boss Hag shot the arrow. She screamed in terror as the arrow was shot at her. She flinched as it was about to hit her. Luckily the yellow painted X made the arrow invisibly go right through her. So she was left completely unharmed.

Believing this has struck great fear into her, The Boss Hag asked her again where their whistles were. She figured out that the three of them were the missing trailmakers who had been missing since 1919. The hags confirmed it was indeed them, and they tell her that the Watcher captured them and promised to set their souls free when they found their whistles. However, The Watcher knew that it was obvious it would never happen. So they've been kept prisoner ever since. The hags then promised her that soon she would be be old and dead just like they were, and become one of them too.

Then she told them that she knew where their whistles were, and if they set her free she would go and get them. The trio of hags thought it over together. Then she was set her free. She promised that she would come back with the whistles. Then on her way out, the hags have reconsidered. They told her that they don't believe her, being able to tell she is not trustworthy. So they trapped her in a cage. To torment her, they placed a bucket full of white rats beside the cage. This caused her to constantly back away feeling tense.

Sarah eventually got lost in Watcher Woods as well, and stumbled upon the camp. Sarah found her trapped in the cage and spoke to her. She apologized to Sarah for everything that has happened, and for getting her into the mess. She explained to Sarah that the three hags think that she stole their whistles from them. Suddenly the hags approached them wielding a machete causing them both to scream.

Sarah stood up for her and told told them that she knew where the whistles were and she could run back and get them. The Boss Hag trusted her and agreed on the condition: They would keep her prisoner and if Sarah didn't come back before sunrise, or she'll be food for the mice and the newts.

Sarah made it back to the hags' camp in time, but she tripped and fell down. So one of the whistles fell into the bucket of rats that was beside her cage. Sarah didn't realize that she had dropped one, so she threw them over to the hags. The hags complained that they needed three whistles to break the spell not two. Then Sarah begged them to let her find the third one. The hags all agreed that they already gave her a chance, so now it was too late. Now Sarah was magically strapped to a board and a jagged blade was going to drop down on her and kill her!

Sarah begged her for her help, she could see where the third whistle was. At first she told the hags where it was, but they didn't believe her. So finally she faced her fears, and she put her hand into the bucket and retrieved the whistle and threw it over. She did just it time before the blade came down on Sarah. As the whistle was retrieved, Sarah was released.

At first they hags couldn't believe that they finally had them. Then together the hags blew on their whistles three times. Then they glowed and vanished. Afterwards everything from their camp was gone. Now nothing was left. Except now she and Kelly found three trailmakers signs. The sign was a symbol saying: "I've gone home" and since then Kelly has become a kind, loyal and honest person.

On the way back to the camp, she and Sarah saw an old-fashioned car driving by. The driver politely nodded to them. In the back seat were the three trailmaker girls from 1919. They all smiled and waved to her and Kelly. When they left, She and Sarah realized that they finally helped set them free.


  • Jewel Staite also portrayed Cody.

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