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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Kenny Harris is a character created by Kiki. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Old Man Corcoran".


Kenny is the younger brother of Jack. They had just moved to a new higher class neighborhood. They were able to, because their mom finally got a better paying job. He and his brother were lonely and had not made any new friends yet.

One day he and Jack were playing outside. Then suddenly a group of children around their age came over. The group leader introduced to himself to Marshall McClain. The boys introduced themselves to him. Then Marshall invited him and his brother to join them for a game of hide n seek that night.

He was all for it, but his brother wasn't so sure he wanted to, because it sounded like a kids game. Marshall replied saying that they would probably be too scared to play where they did. Which was at the end of banker street behind the gate. He and his brother asked Marshall why. Marshall just told them it just gets pretty dark in there at night.

That night he and his brother headed over to the gate at the end of banker street. It turned out the place was a graveyard! He was very nervous and wasn't sure about going inside. His brother was braver about the idea, and he talk him into going in with him. So he and his brother climbed over the fence and went in. Then his brother startled him when they got in.

He and his brother passed by various gravestones and family plots not sure at all where the kids were. Then suddenly Marshall popped out from behind and scared them. Marshall then called all the other kids back to the start. So everyone came out from hiding, waiting for the game to start over. The five other kids all stood together in a line and Marshall introduced them all. The two other boys were Ron Jacobson and Scott Wolden. Also The three girls were Laura Ayers and Mary Alice Reardon. Then the last girl with the ball cap on backwards was Cissy Vernon.

Cissy Vernon, seemed annoyed that new people were there. Marshall explains he invited them because the more the better. Cissy tells him that he and his brother better not scare easy. He and his brother didn't seem to be too scared at the time being. So they asked Cissy what there was to be scared of. She said Old Man Corcoran was the thing to be scared of.

Cissy told him and his brother the story: Old Man Corcoran was the groundskeeper in the graveyard. He worked hard not using any machinery, just digging the graves by hand. He thought he owned the place. So he would walk around the graveyard at night all by himself to make sure nobody was trespassing. When he wasn't doing his rounds, he would be out in the woods in his shack playing his harmonica. Apparently he was crazy, and one day he caught a kid stealing from his shack. So he chopped the kid's hand off. Then one day he was digging a new grave, when all of a sudden the sides began to cave in, and he was buried alive. So Old Man Corcoran's ghost still haunted the graveyard. It wanders around at nighttime looking for trespassers. And if it's really quiet off in the distance you might even hear him playing the harmonica.

He and his brother didn't believe her, and they agreed that they would only believe it when they see it. So without further due Marshall had them begin a new game and Rob was it. He and his brother and along with everyone else went off to hide.

The graveyard was full of fog. He came across some very creepy epitaphs. Soon his found a fresh dug grave and suggested that they hide inside of it. But he persuaded his brother not to, because it would be dangerous and it could cave in at any time. Then he and his brother could hear harmonica music playing. So went off to see where it was. They past through a bit of woods until they see an old-fashioned shack. Outside the shack he and Jack hid, by a big tree stump. They got back up when seeing that no one is there. Then they can see a harmonica on the tree stump nearby.

He and his brother ran back to the graveyard. Then they bumped into a pale old man in blue overalls holding a tree ax. They run off screaming their heads off at the sight of him. While trying to climb back over the fence he ripped his pants, then they run back home. The next afternoon, their mom punished them with chores, for him ripping his pants.

Marshall and the group stopped by again. Marshall asks them to play with the again that night. The others all taunted them about being scared. Marshall tells them that Cissy just told them that story to scare them. Because she doesn't want anyone else joining their group. He and his brother replied by saying that they would believe it when they saw it and they did. Even though his brother backed him up, Marshall still did not believe them. So he persuades his brother to go with him again. Mostly for him, it was because he just wanted to make some new friends, while his brother just wanted to prove that they weren't chicken.

That night he and his brother showed up just like they said they would. The group decided that since he and Jack were such scared wimps, that they can be "it" together. To prove they're not scared wimps, they go along with the game. After counting they venture out to find them, they almost find Mary Alice. She was hiding crouched down in front of a gravestone. Then suddenly after the fog blows away, she seems to have somehow vanished.

He suggested just bringing the others to see Old Man Corcoran, seeing as he was close by. But his brother said by they time they get them, Old Man Corcoran may be gone for the night. So his brother decided to steal the harmonica and show it to the others to prove that Old Man Corcoran was real. Therefore he and his brother sneaked around the outside of the shack waiting to steal the harmonica, when he wasn't looking. However they can't seem to swipe it from him, and almost getting caught by him. Then his brother took a flashlight and decided to search the shack for something else that belong to the old man.

when he finally got inside the shack he startled his brother. He revealed to him that he found the harmonica. So now they have proof Old Man Corcoran exists. On their way out, his brother asked for the flashlight, but said he was not holding it. They slowly turned over to see that Old man Corcoran was holding it! Old Man Corcoran looked mad and snarls at them: "Give me back my harmonica!".

They ran away terrified at full speed back in the graveyard. Then they both fall into an open grave, which Cissy Vernon was also in. Cissy seemed upset to see them and she demanded for them too leave. Terrified they tell her that Old Man Corcoran, is after them and they show her the harmonica as proof. She still didn't listen to them or seems to care. In fact all she seems to do is demand they get out of her hiding spot, and wants nothing more than that. With her getting a little sensitive almost upset it seems. Finally they got out of the grave and left. As he and his brother got out, Cissy told them to find their own grave. He snapped at her saying that he didn't see her name on. As he and his brother left, the camera zoomed up to her and she says: "Well look a little closer next time".

Then suddenly Marshall popped up in the ground scaring them. He and his brother tell him that they stole Old Man Corcoran's harmonica and he's chasing after them. Marshall still didn't believe them. Instead Marshall just kept trying to persuade him and his brother to hide in the open grave with him.

Suddenly from behind them was Old Man Corcoran. He startled them, but he didn't hurt them. All that he did was retrieve his harmonica. Then he asks them what they're doing here. Very nervously he and his brother explained they were just playing a game of hide n seek with their friends. Then just before he and his brother could finished naming them, they both tripped and fell down.

Hearing the names he and his brother said, Old Man Corcoran told them, that it's not very funny to joke like that. Since all of those kids are dead and buried, also he dug the graves himself. Suddenly he and his brother realized that the ground they're on is already covered and the grass has grown back. He and Jack slowly look around and realized that the gravestone in front of them belonged to Marshall! It had Marshall dates of birth and death on it. There was also a small black and white portrait of Marshall on it.

He and his brother went into a terrified shock, and the old man asked they what is wrong with them? Since It looks like they've seen a ghost. Above the grave, were five other graves, possibly belonging to Marshalls five friend kids.

It would seem that the Marshall and his friends were the evil ghosts all along. And they were trying to lure him and his brother to an early grave. Luckily the old man was a good person and he showed up when he did. Therefore the old man prevented him and his brother from being buried alive!

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