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This is a neutral character as well as a victim!

Kevin is a character created by David. He appeared in the "The Tale of the Twisted Claw".


Kevin and his best friend Dougie Freeman are athletes and pranksters. He has more guts and he is braver than Dougie is. So he often pressures and persuades Dougie to take part in the pranks with him.

The night before Halloween, he and Dougie went out to play pranks on mischief night. He pressured Dougie to go with him and visit Miss Clove. Miss Clove was rumored to be an old witch who lived alone in a big old house. When he and Dougie got there, they pranked her by spraying her in the face with shaving cream. Which caused her to back away into a vase causing it to fall down and smash.

The next night it was Hallowe'en. So he and Dougie went trick or treating. Soon he talked Dougie into going with him to Miss Clove's house. So they could tell everyone they had the courage to actually go there. When he and Dougie knocked on the door. She wasn't mad at him and Dougie. She nicely invited them. There he and Dougie could see that she still hadn't cleaned up the broken vase yet.

Miss Clove seemed pleased to see him and Dougie, because they were the only two trick or treaters, who were nice enough to stop by her house on Hallowe'en night. Then as a reward she insisted they take a carved wooden vulture's claw. This was the Twisted Claw that would grant them both three wishes. Before he and Kevin left she warned them to be careful what they wished for.

After they left, Dougie first mistakenly wished that they could lose their Hallowe'en night. Then soon he and Dougie encountered a group of masked punk bullies. The bullies pressured them to give them their candy. He put up a good fight, not wanting to give them his candy. Which he had worked all night for. Then he pushed the leader over, and he fell down in the punks bicycles. Then he and Dougie quickly ran off, as the punks chased after them on their bikes. Thankfully, he and Dougie quickly lost them.

The next day at school, he made a wish to do something he always wanted to do: Beat Bostick at a race. Bostick was the best athlete in their school. And he was going to be competing against him in the upcoming 600-yard race. So he made his wish and the twisted claw briefly glowed. When the race was commencing, he didn't notice that a black German Shepherd went running by. The dog tripped Bostick and knocked him to the ground before crossing the finish lane. So he won the race instead. Afterwards he could see that Bostick may have broken his leg. So the Gym Teacher called an ambulance. He felt guilty hoping that what had happened to Bostick really was an accident. Dougie mentioned that a dog had tripped Bostick, but now the dog was nowhere to be seen.

Later that evening he visited Dougie when his parents went out for the evening. He mostly came over to show off and brag about the gold medal he had won in the race. Now he could see that Dougie was getting really anxious and tense, thinking that the twisted claw was evil. Dougie suggested that they go over and apologize to Miss Clove and return it.

After getting fed up with hearing him complain about his parents finding out what they did to Miss Clove, he mistakenly wished that Dougie could lose his parents. Then he saw Dougie get a phone call. He could tell that it was no good news. Then Dougie absentmindedly wished that his Grandpa was here. Since Dougie's Grandpa could always think of solutions.

Then suddenly he reminded him that his Grandpa was dead. Then suddenly they could see Dougie's late Grandfather's vehicle outside and they could hear the doorbell ring! Then Dougie took the twisted claw, and made the wish they should have made in the first place: To never play their prank on Miss Clove and cause her to break her vase. Then the twisted claw instantly vanished. Then all of the wishes that he and Dougie made were reversed. He realized this when he saw that his gold medal was gone. It rightfully went to Bostick, as it was originally intended to go to. Then he could see that Dougie's parents stopped by to get their keys, and they were safe and sound.

Then the doorbell rang one more. So he and Dougie answered it. Sitting on the doorstep was the vase, all fixed up. On the top, was a note. Which said "trick or treat". It was as if to say: I hope you've learned your lesson!

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