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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Kevin Tyler is a character created by Megan. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Stone Maiden".


Kevin is the loving son of Diane and Dr. John Tyler. He and his parents have a good relationship, but they are somewhat stern and strict with him. He is a nice person. He is friends with Donald and Sandra. For the past three months he had been dating his girlfriend Julie Hart. He loved her, but he was reluctant to introduce her to his parents. Since his parents found artistic people to be different and strange. Therefore he kept on putting off introducing her to his parents.

One afternoon, after he and Julie played volleyball with Donald and Sandra, they had some alone time together. Julie proceeded into taking some expressive and silly pictures of him. Then she asked him if she was finally going to meet his parents that night. He tried to put it off and talk his way out of it again. So Julie became annoyed, because they had been dating for three months. There she felt that the time had finally come. He attempted to explain to her that his parents were stern and serious. Therefore they found artistic people to be different and strange. Julie was offended to hear this. Because she came to the conclusion that he believed that she just wasn't good enough for him. Now she was tired of feeling this way. Both he and Julie became frustrated with each other. Therefore they both decided that they needed some time apart. So they broke up. He got so upset, that he ran off deep into the woodlands of the park.

What he didn't know, was that the events of the story, the city decided to balance their budget. Therefore they hired a maintenance crew to separate a statue. Then to have it sold to a park in another city. The statue selected was The Stone Maiden Statue. Therefore the boy statue was separated away from the girl statue. The artist who sculpted and donated the statue to the park was: Vivian White. She had a signed contract to always keep the statue intact. She was not informed about any of this happening. The city either ignored the contract or were not aware of it.

The statue was based on a story from ancient Greece. The story was about: Two young lovers, who were being torn apart because their families didn't approve of their relationship. The girl found a magic potion that could turn them both into stone. Therefore, they decided that since their love was so strong, they decided to spend eternity together as statues. Instead of spending the rest of their lives apart.

Once they had separated the boy statue away from the girl statue the legend came to life. Therefore the vase that the girl statue held began to drip real water. However, this water was meant to turn the next person who drank from it into stone. Therefore the girl would once again have a mate and no longer be lonely.

He came across the lone girl statue. The statue was holding a vase dripping real water. He proceeded to rub some water on himself to cool down. Then he a took drink. He immediately spit the water out. Since it tasted horrible. After drinking the water, he immediately regretted it. Now he started to feel ill. Then hearing a noise, he called out to who might be there (thinking it might be Julie). Then he clutched his stomach in agony. Almost as if he had been poisoned. He then proceeds to clutch his stomach. A self employed park recyclist named Henry. Tried to help him, but he pushed away. Since he didn't know him. Then he literally turned into a solid stone statue.

The next day, Henry seeked out Julie. At first she didn't trust Henry, thinking he was a mad man and a creepy stalker playing a sick joke. She refused to believe at first that he had been turned into a statue. Until Henry convinced Julie that he was harmless and being honest with her.


As a statue

Therefore Julie and Henry visited Vivian White to explain that he had been turned to stone. They were about to leave, when they thought that Vivian would not believe them. However Vivian White did believe them. Vivian then revealed a sketch of the statue. It revealed that the Maiden Statue was supposed to have a mate. Now they all realized that the girl statue was lonely. After being separated from her boyfriend's statue. Therefore the statue had chosen him to replace her missing lover.

Henry came up with a theory that, the statue didn't like to be alone. Since her lover was gone, she chose him as a replacement. Then Henry predicted that if they returned the boy statue, The girl statue would not be lonely anymore. Therefore she would change him back to normal. Vivian agreed. Not because she believed what had happened. But because she was furious that the statue she had donated was partially split up. Then sold to another park without her consent.

When Henry, Julie and Vivian got to the park's head office, the boy statue was in the process of being sent away in a truck. So Henry stole the truck and drove it back to the clearing. Julie followed along on a bike.

Over at the clearing, his parents showed up. They demanded to know where he was. Julie explained that they believed that something had happened to him. After he drank some water from the statues fountain. Hearing this, it horrified them into thinking that he was poisoned. Then Henry clicked the statue back into place. Henry rejoiced, stating that the spell would now be broken.

Then they all run over to where he was. However, he still a statue. Julie panicked that it didn't work. Therefore, straight from her heart she confessed her love to him. Julie apologized, saying that she was wrong. She said that she didn't care what his parents thought of her, or of them being together. She stated that they might be different, but they belonged together. Then she told him she loved him. Then she kissed him on the cheek, and pleaded for him to come back to her.

Then from love's true kiss, he instantly transformed back to normal. His parents were so shocked that his mother fainted. Julie was thrilled stating that he was now back. He happily replied by stating that they were back together now and they hugged.

Afterwards, he and Julie were now happily together. She won his parents approval and respect. Then he asked her when he would meet her parents. She replied by only saying: Not yet.

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