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Kim is a minor character created by Megan. She in the episode "The Tale of the Walking Shadow".


Kim is a young teacher from Greenwich High School. She is a serious, but reasonable teacher. During the events of the episode, she became the director for the school play. The school was doing the Shakespearean Macbeth. For unknown reasons, the play was being done at a nearby local theater. Unbeknownst to she and everyone else, the theater was haunted. It was haunted by the ghost of an actor named Adrian Harcombe. Adrian portrayed Macbeth in 1949, and he unexpectedly got terminally ill and died before the play was over. Therefore, she was directing Macbeth in this theater for the first time in fifty years.

She cast a boy named Jesse in the male lead as Macbeth. But he was an arrogant and stuck up person. She cast a girl named Vanessa in the female lead as Lady Macbeth. Finally she cast a boy named Ross Doyle, in the pivotal role of Macduff. She wasn't aware that Ross had only auditioned for the play, in order to get closer to Vanessa.

The opening night was coming soon, therefore she and the cast were preparing to do their dress rehearsal. When at the last minute Ross decided to drop out of the play. Hearing this she was very disappointed, since it would be too late to find a replacement. She and Vanessa believed that Ross decided to quit, from being too nervous from stage fright. She and the others weren't aware that Ross had mistakenly awoke the ghost of Adrian Harcombe and Ross thought that he was out to get him.

Then just before the dress rehearsal began, she made up her mind to portray Macduff herself. Then at the last minute, Ross had a change of heart and came back. She was delighted and allowed him back in the play. The dress rehearsal was going wonderfully. Then just when the final act began, Jesse seemed to have disappeared. She was confused, so she kept on calling for Jesse to pick his cue and report to the stage.

Then suddenly Macbeth came to the stage. But it was not Jesse, it was Adrian Harcombe! She and everyone else were terrified at the very sight of him. Then suddenly a wardrobe mistress she knew as Hermione St. Claire appeared at the corner of the stage from nowhere. She didn't realize that not only was she a ghost, but also Adrian's wife. She listened to her beg Ross to help Adrian complete his unfinished business by acting out the final scene. It turned out that Adrian wasn't out to get him, he only wanted to perform with him.

Therefore she and the rest of the cast watched Adrian and Ross perfectly act the final scene. Then she and everyone else clapped, as Hermione ran into Adrian's arms. Then Hermione and her husband instantly changed back into their 1949 younger selves. Then after a passionate kiss, they peacefully crossed over to the afterlife at last.


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