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This character, is portrayed by a special guest star.

Kirk is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Bigfoot Ridge".


Kirk and his sister Dani, along with their friend Gina are big wintertime sports athletes, (specialties such as skiing and snowboarding). A couple of weeks prior to the events of the story, their friend Gina went missing, after going off snowboarding onto a dangerous trail. His sister has felt guilt-ridden for not staying with her. So she wanted to keep on looking for her. By now he had given up hope that Gina would ever be found alive. So he asked his sister to let it go and to move on.

Back at home, he could hear his sister suddenly blurt out Gina's name. So he entered her bedroom to ask her what was going on. She told him that she heard Gina calling out to her for help. He then told her that she was starting losing it, by feeling overwhelmed by guilt. Then she told him that she was positive that Gina was still alive, and they will find her. Then he told that it was not possible. Since no one could survive that long in the woods without food, water and shelter.

Later on, he saw his sister checking the trail off on a map. Unbeknownst to him, she saw a illusion, in which Gina actually told her that she needed help and where she was. So his sister planned to go off and rescue Gina at a remote location in the woods known as Bigfoot Ridge. She told him that no one has searched there yet, because it was thirty miles away from where she left Gina. He insisted that she stay home, because a snowstorm would be happening soon. She decided to be quick about it. So she jumped onto the jet ski and traveled to Bigfoot Ridge.

He immediately drove over in his truck to drive them home, and he bumped into her outside the lodge at the Bigfoot Right. She told him that she followed Gina all the way up to the lodge. But he told her that it was not possible. Since only her tracks appeared on the way up, much to her her shock. He and Dani checked inside the cabin. It was dark, dusty and full of spider webs. Suddenly he and Dani came across a skeleton in Ski Patrol suit which really scared them!

Suddenly Gina was heard calling for his sister. However, as Gina approached he and his sister, her eyes were glowing green. And she kept on gleaming them right at them. This made he and his sister feel tired, worn out and heavy. Also in a glimpse they appeared to have aged about fifty years. Then suddenly the lightning outside clapped and the flash made Gina vanish. Afterwards, he and his sister were back to normal.

Then the sound of an old woman called out for help. Over on the sofa near the fireplace, was an elderly woman in the same snowsuit as Gina. The elderly woman revealed herself to be the real Gina, and that the other one was an evil ghost called an Umbra. It is an illusionist that makes people see and hear things that aren't really there, and lures victims to the cabin. Gina explained to he and his sister, that when she went off on the trail, she was lured to the cabin by a man in a Ski Patrol suit. Then Gina told he and his sister that there were bodies all over the lodge, and that she would be the next one. He and his sister encouraged her not to give up. Then they told her that she would be leaving with them. He and Dani helped her up and began to walk her out to take her home.

Then on their way out, The Umbra approached them and gleamed its glowing eyes at them. Gina warned them to not look into its eyes. So they returned to the fireplace. Gina explained that the Umbra could not stand light and preys on its victims in darkness. Then Gina explains that it was an ancient ghost, who survives by feeding off it's victims life-forces. It keeps luring more victims, with illusions like the ones his sister was given thinking Gina was asking for help. Also that the Umbra is always waiting for its victims to leave the light.

The snowstorm outside became severe. So now they would be trapped inside until the morning. He then asked her when the Umbra looked like her. Gina revealed that the Umbra stole her soul. So it would soon and drain her of her life-force and she would die from old age. Then when it finds its next victim, it will look like him or her. Feeling ashamed by how quickly she has aged, she asked him not to look at her. He still did, since he cannot begin to tell her how happy he is to see her. Then he tells her about how Dani never gave up hope on finding her. Then they discover the batteries in the flashlight are dying and soon they will be out of firewood, so the Umbra will get them soon. Then his sister discovered the lights on the ceiling, but he found out that the power to the cabin is out.

So he and his sister head over to the fix the power generator. He tried to get the power generator going, but the generator was really old-fashioned and worn out. Just as he was trying to get the generator going, The Umbra came heading towards them gleaming its eyes. So his sister shined the flashlight at it and it vanished. Then he and his sister cheered as the generator started running. Until they realized that since it was so old, they needed to turn on the backup generator outside. Meanwhile, inside the fire went out. So The Umbra closed in on Gina again, and she screamed for help. They ran back in and shined the flashlight at it and it vanished. Now Gina has aged even more and would soon die.

Then he decided to go outside and fire up the back up generator, but he needed the flashlight. His sister wanted to stay by Gina's side. So he went outside alone in the freezing snowstorm. At first he lost the flashlight. However he still found the generator; but it was locked. After looking around on the ground, he luckily found the flashlight and could now see where the lock was. Then with all his might he banged the frozen flashlight onto the lock and it opened.

Then just in the nick of time, he got the generator going and the lights inside all turned on. Exposed to the immense light, The Umbra turned into a black shadow. Then it was destroyed, as it obliterated in a big bursting cloud. After this happened Gina was instantly changed back to normal. He and sister was rejoiced and relieved to have save their friend. Then the following morning, he Dani and Gina left the lodge and returned home.


  • Hayden Christensen was also in the Goosebumps episode "Night of the Living Dummy 3" as Zane O'Dell.

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