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Klimbo is a character created by Vange. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Zombie Dice".


He is a tall giant brute. He was Mr. Click's henchman. Mr. Click was a professional gamer and business profiteer. He was either, sleep deprived, brainwashed or hired into becoming Mr. Click's henchman. His boss had discovered an evil and very lucrative way for selling unique pets to people around the world. His boss had at some time discovered that after winning someone's thumbprint, you now own them. Therefore he and his boss obtained a magical shrinking machine. This was used to shrink human beings down to miniature size into becoming these unique pets.

To catch victims and ease suspicions, he and his boss set up an after school hangout. It was called: "Click's Emporium". The emporium was a popular after school hangout. Here children and teenagers, could play recreational games, videos games and buy snacks and soda. His boss would keep an eye for gamers who had good potential. Then his boss would privately challenge the boy or girl to a dice throwing game called: Zombie Dice. If the player lost, he or she would be asked to enter the backroom and scan their thumbprint on the pedestal of the machine. His job was to make sure that the victims would actually do it and not run away. He would usually come off as being frightening and intimidating and he would always just grunt. Although his boss had constantly berated and mistreated him. He tolerated it and willingly went along with his duties.

During the events of the story, he was shown making sure that a boy named Patrick who had lost the game of Zombie Dice went through with scanning his thumbprint. He then locked Patrick into a small caged box. He then helped set up the machine and another caged box for a teenager named Tate who was a confident gamer. One who had never backed away from a challenge. When Tate lost, Tate was also shrunken down to miniature size and locked into a caged box.

Then Tate's careful and cautious friend Alex had challenged his boss to a rigged soda drinking contest. Alex had bet his boss that he could drink three mugs of soda before his boss could finish one small glass. All Alex wanted was a head start to be fair. Also his boss was not allowed to pick up the glass. Until Alex finished the first mug. Also they weren't allowed to touch each other glasses. His boss feeling overconfident agreed to it. Alex staked to his boss his younger brother Andre if Alex would end up losing. And his boss staked his own thumbprint. However after Alex drank the first mug the trick of the game was revealed: Alex placed his empty mug upside down on top of his bosses glass. Therefore, since his boss could not touch Alex's mugs, Alex was able to finish first and beat his boss.

Afterwards, his boss tried to make a run for it and pack up and leave in a hurry. By now he had been mistreated and pushed around for the last time. He was now fed up with him. So he closed in on him and overpowered. He forced his boss to scan his thumbprint and dissociate his boss. Then in a big bright flash of light Alex, Andre and Tate asked where his boss was.

Wearing his bosses hat and sunglasses, he smiled to them and said to them that the game was over. As he showed them the small box, he headed off with his former boss securely locked inside of it.

Afterwards the emporium soon shut down and he and Mr. Click were never seen again.

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