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Koda is a character created by Eric. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dark Music".


Koda's first name was never revealed. He was a neighborhood bully, long haired and rebellious. He had a strict and possibly abusive father who may have been the reason for his mean and nasty nature. When Andy Carr moved into his neighborhood, Koda wasn't very friendly to him at all. Andy not paying attention bumped into him on his bike and he let him fall down on the ground and he pinned him to the ground by stepping on his chest. He threatened him not to mess with him, because he, along with the rest of the neighborhood, apparently were happy when his great uncle, a creepy, nut bag hermit had passed away and even though Andy claimed he never even knew him, he was still gonna bully him since he was the man's family member.

The next day, we see Koda scrubbing his porch steps and his strict father telling him to do a good job or he would get no allowance according to his strict father. Andy was just minding his own business riding his bike around delivering newspapers. Then Andy threw one to Koda's porch and by chance it bounced off the front door and knocked over the bucket of soapy water Koda was cleaning with spilling it all over Koda. Koda, thinking he did it on purpose, was furious and ran after him and chased him all the way home. Since Andy snuck into his house through the basement cellar doors he got away from him for the day.

Then another day later, Koda was waiting for Andy right outside his house. Since Andy was in a hurry to go find his mom he totally forgot about him. This time Koda punched him in the face. Then he took Andy's bike and threw it onto the road and the bike was totaled by oncoming traffic. Then he then threatened Andy again. He then reminded him that he would now have to deliver papers on foot. So now he would never get away from him.

Soon Andy ran over to his home to see him scrubbing the porch again. Then he threw a weighted newspaper right at his head and taunted him. He said to him "Come clean my steps next! You make a good maid!" He was furious and chased Andy all the way home into his backyard. Thinking he went inside Koda climbed into the open outdoor cellar. Andy locked it with a broomstick.  What he didn't know was that the basement's root cellar had a demon inside of it which would come out and prey on people in the basement when music was being played.

The basement was filled of stereos and loud speakers and after Andy locked him inside the basement the power was turned out and the basement was filled with full blast ear splitting music. It drove Koda crazy like he was going to pop. Also the cellar door was embracing the full blast music, then the cellar demon come out and closed in on him. He was last seen giving a terrified look and screaming as the Cellar Demon closed in on him and delightfully ate him (off screen).

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