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Kristen was a member of the original Midnight Society.


Kristen is a girl who, though squeamish about much else, has a fondness for ghost stories and fairy tales. She is shown to be scared of clowns and has a growing crush on David, and their affection for each other is a developing arc in the first two seasons. Kristen also likes to dress up for her stories or bring something for effect, sometimes to scare the others.

In Season Three, she and her family moved away and she was replaced in the group by Sam.


Kristen's stories are about ghosts who have unfinished business in our world and use mortals to complete their tasks.


  1. The Tale of the Hungry Hounds
  2. The Tale of the Prom Queen
  3. The Tale of the Final Wish
  4. The Tale of Locker 22
  5. The Tale of the Frozen Ghost