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Kronos the Conqueror is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Oblivion".


During the middle ages, Kronos was a powerfully strong and ruthlessly evil Viking.

He was in pursuit of the Tools of Oblivion and he was willing to let nothing stop him or get in his way. His reasons for seeking the Tools of Oblivion is unknown. Possibly for absolute control and power. To control and conquer, possibly take over his countries kingdom.

During his pursuit of the tools, two monks named Thelodius and Chadwick, knew it was wise to not let the tools fall into his possession. Therefore, the tools were used to literally erase him. This happened when his name was written then erased. This sent him to be trapped for all time in Oblivion.

For centuries, he was trapped in Oblivion, where he claimed it as his domain and waited patiently for a way to find the Tools of Oblivion.

In 1999 a Rottweiler duke named Butch was erased and sent to Oblivion, as well as a teenage girl named Shelley, whom he took prisoner and locked her up. Soon Shelley's brother Max, erased and sent himself along with the tools to Oblivion. When he realized Max had the tools, he ran after him and a violent chased began.

Eventually he made a deal with Max, he had placed Shelley in a large bird cage and Butch in a cart and was preparing to have them be sent through a garbage disposal unit to make more room for Oblivion. He was ready to send them through the disposal unit, unless Max gave him the tools.

Max gave him the tools, and he was ecstatic because he had waited for centuries and finally had them. He drew a medieval door and erased it, and when it appeared he was about to use it to return back to his own time. That was until, Max revealed that before he gave him the tools, they were broken in half. Therefore Max decided to erase all of Oblivion.

When hearing this, he was furious and screamed for him to not do it, but Max did it anyways. Soon everything in Oblivion including him was completely erased and destroyed.


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