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Kullback is a character created by Betty Ann. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Curious Camera".


He was the class bully and possibly the basketball team leader. He used to pick on Matt Dorney steadily and made his life miserable. Such as tricking Matt to look at a book and making the book spray a packet of ketchup on Matt. Telling Matt that the book literally RED him. Also for pushing Matt around in the locker room and using his textbook as a hockey puck. Finally Matt got fed up with up and stood up to him. Then Matt took his picture with Matt's evil camera.

Suddenly one of the lockers began tilting and shaking and it came crashing right down onto his foot. He screamed in pain crying for help. Then and his teammates and the coach came to his help. The photo revealed that he would be making a painful looking face just like he did when the locker fall onto him. After this it was unknown if he would ever bother Matt again. However it can be guessed that perhaps he did not.


  • Christian Tessier who also portrayed Josh

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